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South Carolina

Hellooooo South Carolina!
The short video above announces the Darius Goes West Foundation’s goal to sell one million DVDs. This bar is set high, but the stakes are much higher.

We are visiting all fifty states to see this goal through.
We are asking each state to purchase or sponsor 20,000 DVDs.

With support from every state, the entire country can enjoy a good film while funding research for a disease that affects children everywhere.

South Carolina Population: 4.5 million
State Challenge: 20,000 DVDs
South Carolinians have purchased or sponsored 734 DVDS!

DGW Supporters
The following customers, sponsors, and donors have expressed pronounced sensitivity to the urgency and philanthropy of Darius and his foundation’s million DVD goal…

DGW Platinum Supporters
100+ buses or $25,000+ donation. What’s a bus? Click here.
Be the first Platinum supporter in South Carolina!

DGW Gold Supporters
20-99 buses or $5,000-24,999 donation. What’s a bus? Click here.
Be the first Gold Supporter in South Carolina!

DGW Silver Supporters
4-19 buses or $1000-4,999 donation. What’s a bus? Click here.
Ethel P.

DGW Bronze Supporters
1-3 buses or $250-$999 donation. What’s a bus? Click here.
David H.
Stacy F.
Rebekah S.

DGW Supporters
2-11 DVDs or $50-$249 donation.
Dale S.
Keith W.
Debi C.B.
Kimberly P.
MaryJo W.
Jill W.
Kathryn M.
Nadine M.
Stephanie M.
Beaty E.
Evelyn G.
Henry B.
Elaine R.
Barbara W.
Old 96 Girl Scout Council
Heidi P.
Laura D.
Larry L.
Christine S.
Sharon H.
Nadine M.
Kristen M.
Elizabeth F.
Jacklyn M.
Jacqueline M.
Stephanie S.
Rachel R.
Kathryn M.
Clemson Sertoma Club
Peter & Margaret S.
Barbara & Larry W.

Should your name be on this page?
While the count of the DVDs is accurate, the DGW web team has only recently set up a system that allows us to thank our supporters by name. If you’ve bought two or more DVDs and your name is not listed in the corresponding category, please let us know so we can add it to the list.

Also, we DO track accumulating DVD purchases. If you buy DVDs at two or more times, we will add up the total. For example, if you have purchased 11 DVDs in the past and you purchase one more today, then your name will be moved up to the bronze level.

Thank you so much for your continued support!