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In this multi-award-winning documentary, fifteen-year-old Darius Weems and eleven of his best friends set off across America with the ultimate goal of getting his wheelchair customized on MTV’s Pimp My Ride. The result is a rarely seen testament to the explosive idealism of today’s youth, as well as a vivid portrayal of adventure, of brotherhood, and of the character and strength it takes to shed light on an uncertain future.

Not only does Darius Weems bravely face his own inevitable fate with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), but through his unflinching humor and his extraordinary laugh, he sparks a revolution in the lives of everyone who crosses–and then shares–his courageous path.

Part revolution, part revelation, this film proves to people of all ages how life, even when imperfect, is always worth the ride.

We had offers from distributors, but, in the end, we decided to self-distribute our film. This was not an easy decision.

Had we gone with a distributor, we may (or may not) have had the benefit of a third party marketing campaign. However, with a middle man in the equation, almost no money per DVD sale could have gone where we wanted it to go–into DMD research. By opting to self-distribute we bear the responsibility for marketing, but we also have the power to devote $8 of every DVD sale to promising DMD research. Please help us fight Duchenne muscular dystrophy by purchasing your copy of Darius Goes West for yourself or for a friend.


In September of 2009, Darius turned 20, a year older than his brother Mario, who lost his battle with Duchenne muscular dystrophy at age 19. Darius is in relatively good health, continues to travel on occasion and often uses Skype to connect with middle and high school students across the country. He is also focusing on his music career and hopes to launch his first rap CD in 2010.