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Miniature Tour Bus

Darius Goes West fundraising tour bus

It’s small! It’s cardboard! It’s one of the best ways to help the Darius Goes West Foundation reach the million DVD goal!

Every miniature tour bus holds 12 DVDs (you can see them poking out of the top of the bus pictured above) and a t-shirt is included inside the box.

Why’d you make it?
So that each DVD can continue to raise $17 per DVD for Muscular Dystrophy research! The miniature tour bus is our version of distribution. If Darius Goes West were sold in places that DVDs are normally sold, then each DVD would not raise even close to $17 for MD. In fact, each DVD would raise more like $2.

However, we realize that not everyone likes to buy things online. So we created this bus.

Now any store can host the Darius Goes West DVD in a case that lets customers know that not only is it an enjoyable film, but purchasing it raises money and awareness for MD. The bus was also made for individuals interested in having an eye-grabbing carrying case for 12 DVDs to give or sell to friends.

How much does it cost?
Each bus costs $250, ships with a t-shirt, and is made of durable stock cardboard.

How do I get one?
To purchase a tour bus for yourself or for your store counter please click here.