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The Darius Goes West Foundation

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is the number one fatal genetic disease to affect children in the world. Experts are in agreement that Duchenne should be treated or cured in the not too distant future. The primary goal of the Darius Goes West foundation is to catalyze that effort.

Our documentary was made for $70,000.  To date, Darius Goes West has raised $1.5 million for DMD research.  In other words, the Darius Goes West Foundation has turned every dollar it has ever been given into $20 for Duchenne research. This extremely high return is based on our persistent employment of four simple principles.

With both critical and popular acclaim (28 FILM festival awards to date), Darius Goes West has proven its ability to entertain audiences of ALL ages and backgrounds.

Every award winning Darius Goes West DVD purchased raises $17 for Duchenne research (the other $3 goes to making more DVDs)

Every DVD viewed raises awareness for a disease that affects us all

The more DVDs in circulation, the more people are likely to understand the first three principles, understand Darius, and thus raise more money and awareness by purchasing, viewing, and enjoying Darius’s award-winning story

With these principles in mind, the Darius Goes West Foundation’s sole purpose is to sell one million DVDs in one year, thus raising incalculable awareness for Duchenne, and at least $17 million for research to combat this fatal disease.

The DVD does not do all the work.  All twelve crew members (including Darius) are dedicated full time to seeing the million DVD mark reached by July 22 2009 (Darius Goes West Day).  They are working online to provide supporters with entertaining videos that help us, as a group, communicate the principles above, and they are hitting the road to promote this initiative at face-to-face screenings across the country.

Please support the Darius Goes West Foundation, by first understanding the importance of our mission and the principles on which it is based, and second by making a donation, hosting a screening, or by simply purchasing an award-winning DVD for yourself or a friend.