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YouTube Homepage Feature!

September 24, 2008

The video above is front and center on the YouTube homepage today! If you’ve come as a result of that, welcome to DGW!

YouTube is the third most visited site in the world. Featured status presents an opportunity for The Vehicle to get more exposure than it ever has. It also gives you a chance to show the world that you support DGW as a film and a Foundation.

It sounds obvious, but no one knows that DGW is a good film until they see it, until someone says it, or until someone writes it. Today is the day to take those actions! Unfortunately, we can’t be a YouTube feature everyday, so if you want to help, it’s important to act on the following while we’re on the homepage.

How To Help:
- Leave a good comment on the YouTube page (thousands will see it!)
- Give us a good rating on the YouTube page
- Encourage a Blogger to embed The Vehicle
- Embed The Vehicle on your own blog
- If you’re on FaceBook you can post The Vehicle
- Participate in our Grassroots Email Campaign

Do any of those and you’ve helped us out tremendously! And, of course, the single best way to help is to purchase a DVD.

Click here to visit the YouTube Vehicle page.

But before you go… We are releasing a new video today! We think it’s going to make you laugh, dance, and sing. We also think it’s going to affect this disease. Please feel free to employ any of the above strategies to the newest (and most hilarious!) addition to the Video blog. Enjoy!


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One Response to “YouTube Homepage Feature!”

  1. On September 24th, 2008, Meghan Baron said:

    happy you tube day! its amazing to see the views on “the vehicle” just keep climbing and climbing all day long! how incredible! the wheels just keep spinning, the vehicle is really starting to FLY!!! cant wait until you hit 1 million!…
    thank you, all of you guys, for teaching us all how to live better, to laugh longer, to love deeper, to fight harder, and for defining what friendship really is.

    keep on keepin on!
    all the best from cleveland

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