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World of Children Award

January 14, 2009

Since Darius Goes West came out last year, crew-members, and especially Darius, have earned numerous awards and recognitions. (In fact, look for an upcoming blog that highlights some of them!)

All of these accolades mean a lot to Darius: all of the festival prizes, keys to cities, and other awards help to keep him going with the confidence that he is making a difference.

Recently, Darius earned one award that has been especially significant…

a World of Children Award.

World of Children Awards have been around since 1998. Every year, two adults and two young people are recognized with medals, a ceremony, and a grant for “making extraordinary contributions to the lives of…children.”

The World of Children Award has been called the Nobel Prize for Children by publications like Forbes Magazine. Obviously, this is a huge honor, and Darius was very moved.

The award ceremony was in New York City, so Darius, Logan, and a couple of the other crew-members hopped on a plane.  Special shout-outs to WOC staffers Donnabella Mascarenhas and Lynn Naylor for being so organized and working with us to make this trip so easy to take.

The flight was taxing, so having our New York driver Steve to take care of things was great.

The ceremony itself was extraordinary.

It was held at UNICEF House, and Darius got to mingle with the other inspiring recipients.

Darius feels extremely humbled by his recognition from the World of Children Awards.

As all crew-members, family, friends, and supporters know, it is deserved.


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