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Why DGW Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift, Pt. III

December 09, 2008

Here it is folks, the last installment of the three-part series “Why DGW Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift”. While not all of the reasons here are good ones (or, in some cases, even true), we hope that doesn’t stop them from convincing you to consider DVDs of Darius Goes West in your holiday shopping.

65. 4 out of every 5 dentists recommend it
66. Cleaner, cheaper, and easier to take care of than a puppy
67. Easier to wrap than a puppy
68. Cuter than a puppy, too
69. More socially acceptable than stuffed animal as gift for your father-in-law
70. Named number one most-romantic gift in a poll of crew-members’ girlfriends and Tim Smalley
71. Does not contain lead
72. Guaranteed to increase the size of your brain* (* this claim is not scientifically proven…yet)
73. Ron Howard did not direct Darius Goes West
74. Let’s really stick it to those haters out there
75. New un-rated version not seen in theaters
76. Less addictive than coffee
77. More fuel-efficient than a Toyota Prius
78. Winner of 17 Grammys
79. Each DVD comes with ‘05-’06 swimsuit calendar of the crew
80. New and improved version with less Ben Smalley
81. Now even the fifth dentist recommends it
82. Now tastes more like regular Dr. Pepper
83. Not NEARLY as bad as Jurassic Park II
84. Good make-out movie
85. Sarah Palin cited Darius Goes West as her favorite newspaper
86. Cheaper than Blu-ray
87. If Bono bought it, he would buy one for all the children of the world
88. It might confuse your grandma, you may want to tell her that a DVD is just like a Beta-Max…
89. …or a singing telegram.
90. On second thought you may just want to help her
91. Can be translated into Morse code
92. Wayne Brady absolutely loves it!!!
93. Works great as a clay pigeon
94. It’s so easy, even Jason can do it!
95. Read reasons 1-94
96. Buy a DVD!


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