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Why DGW Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift, Pt. II

December 04, 2008

It’s time for part two of our series, Why DGW Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift. In the last installment, you learned that Darius Goes West DVDs come with included “warm feeling on the inside”, we take credit cards, and Darius Goes West is officially endorsed by Batman.

Here are some more reasons. We hope at least one convinces you to help promote awareness of Duchenne muscular dystrophy and raise money to fight it. Remember, of each $20 DVD you buy, $17 goes to funding research. Enjoy the list!

30. DVD won’t burn you like “Goslabi” sauce
31. We’ve watched every other movie, and they aren’t as good
32. Yes, even your friends will like it
33. Starring William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman
34. Laughing is a great abdominal workout
35. Known to cure mild headaches and severe movie cravings when eaten*
(*DVDs are not FDA-approved for eating)
41. Blu-ray coming soon
42. Easy conversation-starter with the in-laws
43. By purchasing, you are not only a part of a movie but a part of a movement
44. Great influence on children: if these guys can succeed, ANYONE can act on their “crazy” ideas
45. If you aren’t already convinced, we may have no hope…
46. Speaking of hope, just buy Star Wars: A New Hope. That movie is awesome!
47. Please please please… please please…we were just kidding about Star Wars.
48. Rival documentary Darius Goes East is, in fact, non-existent; it’s a figment of driver Daniel’s imagination
49. I like!
50. It’ll make you lose weight
51. It has a great resale value on eBay
52. Peter Jackson directed it…I think
53. No trans-fat
54. Pixar’s animation is overrated anyway
55. Your mom will be proud of you
56. It’s better than a kick in the face!
57. You will understand cardinal directions better than the average American
58. If you are still reading this list, you need to take a break and get a Darius Goes West DVD for yourself or for a friend
59. Look at reason 24
60. After viewing, DVD makes a great Frisbee
61. If you purchase 4 DVDs, you have an entire coaster set for your coffee table
62. Cures bad breath
63. DVD consists of moving picture with color and sound!
64. Buying DVD stimulates the economy

Stay tuned for more great reasons Why DGW Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift.

Why do YOU think DVDs make great gifts? Join the discussion: post below.


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