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Why DGW Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift, Pt. I

December 03, 2008

Short on time? Don’t want to waste gas driving all over town looking for presents? Worried about that one family-member/friend/co-worker who’s impossible to get a good gift for?

No matter what you’re celebrating—Christmas, Chanukah, New Year’s, birthdays, graduations, weddings, Flag Day—Darius Goes West DVDs make the perfect gift for any occasion.

When you give Darius Goes West, not only are you giving an award-winning film, you’re also donating $17 and bringing awareness to the fight for a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

If that doesn’t convince you, hopefully something from this list will:

1. It’s the season of giving!
3. Promotes good karma
4. Serve with popcorn
5. If you don’t, Jason will eat you!!!
6. In times of financial crisis, we take credit cards
7. Your enemies will be jealous
8. Made in the USA
9. It’s a maverick ;)
10. Not available in most stores
11. Shrink-wrapped
12. Easily Wrapped
13. Few preservatives
14. Good excuse to eat popcorn
15. What would Billy Bob Thornton do?
16. Fits in most standard DVD cases/shelves
17. Buy low, sell high
18. Blu-ray is way overrated anyway
19. “Warm feeling on the inside” included!!!
20. U.S. Dollars accepted
21. That CD you were going to buy… everyone has stolen it already
22. Officially endorsed by BATMAN!!
23. You’re already at the website.
24. We’re not saying you can’t buy other presents too…
25. Why not?
26. DVD doubles as circular mirror with finger hole with a pretty design on the back
27. So hott right now
28. Just unwrap and serve
29. I wrote this whole list for you!!!

Check for more reasons in the next blog entry of the series Why DGW Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift.

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3 Responses to “Why DGW Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift, Pt. I”

  1. On December 4th, 2008, Tim Covert said:

    Darius Goes West is the best present because you give it twice. Once to a friend and once to researchers

  2. On December 4th, 2008, C-Shep said:

    More reasons I thought of:
    - Nicolas Cage is NOT in the movie
    - Now with no Trans Fat
    - Can be served cold or hot
    - And 17 bucks of the 20 you spend on the DVD go to research that is going to cure Duchenne muscular dystrophy

    Anybody else have any reasons on why DGW makes the perfect holiday gift?

  3. On December 7th, 2008, the PA crew said:

    if you need another reason, buy the movie, watch it with your friends, then keep pausing the movie when that cute little kid, aidan (the caboose), makes an appearance. that’s what i do, anyway. and sometimes i pause it when collin is making a funny face or something. that makes everyone laugh! that collin is hilarious!

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