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Wheelchair Breakdown at Perkins School For The Blind

November 11, 2008

Quote of the Day: “I have an idea, how about Pimp My Cane!”–Michelle, one of the students at the Perkins school, during our question-and-answer session.

After our stop at Brandeis, Darius and crew visited Perkins School For the Blind, one of the oldest and most prestigious schools for the blind in the U.S.

The back wheel on Darius’s chair was giving him some trouble, but that didn’t stop us.

The campus was absolutely beautiful, even on a cloudy day!

The crew met with about thirty of the students at Perkins.

They had some great questions about Darius’ disease.

We also had an informative discussion about what the students thought about accessibility issues.

Plus, the students were kind enough to give each of us a Perkins hat!

The hats are really cool; they even have braille writing on the sides.

We had a blast hanging out with our new friends. Thank you, Laurie Sawin and all the students at Perkins School For the Blind, for a great and memorable visit!

After the stop at Perkins, DGW driver Daniel set out to get Darius’s wheelchair fixed.

Luckily, he found Payne Engineering and Fabrication Company, Inc., of Canton, MA–a family company.

With their help, D’s wheelchair was back to road-ready in no time! Major props to Charlie Osborne (in picture, left), Harry Payne III (in picture, right), and Harry Payne IV for helping us out.


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2 Responses to “Wheelchair Breakdown at Perkins School For The Blind”

  1. On November 14th, 2008, Jessica said:

    Hey guys, Im a teaching assistant at Perkins, and we were really glad that you could come out to us. We all had a blast hanging out with you and having a Q&A session. I think what you guys are doing is amazing. I hope you make your 1 million dollar mark and I wish you all the best. Thanks again for coming and showing our kids at Perkins what real friends are and how only a few people can make such a difference! Thanks again! (and thanks for the bus tour)

  2. On November 16th, 2008, Laurie said:

    Hi Darius and Crew,
    It was an honor having you at our school. Thanks so much for taking the time to come out and speak to some of our students. You guys are amazing!!
    I was so glad to hear you were able to get that wheelchair fixed in a timely manor :)

    Best of luck on your journey..


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