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WANTED: 100 New Goslabi Captains

October 23, 2012

GREAT NEWS: DMD research has never been more promising (click here to read about some awesome new study results), but it continues to be underfunded. We want to remedy that and are asking 100 of our most passionate supporters to step up and sign up to be Goslabi Captains. Will YOU be one??!!

Goslabi Captains–or GCaps as we call them–basically volunteer to rally others–at their schools, within their organizations, and/or within their communities–to help our cause. Two years ago, our GCaps were instrumental in helping DGW win $35,000 for DMD research by getting folks to vote for us in America’s Giving Challenge and the Chase Community Challenge. Now we are recruiting a new crop of GCaps to help us continue raising funds for DMD research. There are no age restrictions, you can set your own goals and schedule, and we’ll provide you with as much (or as little) assistance as you need.


* SWAG: We’ll send you a replica of the RV that carried Darius and his crew west filled with a dozen DVDs of   Darius Goes West, plus a Goslabi t-shirt autographed by Darius.

* LOOKS GREAT ON YOUR RESUME: You can use us as a recommendation for college or a job.

* GOOD KARMA: Priceless.


* If your school/organization raises $500, you’ll get a free Skype with Darius, plus your name will go in a drawing to win an all-expense paid trip (for two) to Athens, GA for our 9th Annual Darius Goes West Weekend in July.
* If your school/organization raises $1,000, you’l get all of the above, plus one of our coveted “I am the 13th crew member” t-shirts.
* If your school/organization raises $2,500, you’ll get all of the above, plus your school/group’s name will go in a drawing for places Darius will visit–in person–when he hits the road in the spring.

To sign up to be a GCap, click here, then we’ll be in touch regarding fund-raising ideas and more information on how you can play a pivotal role in funding a cure for DMD.

As always, thanks for your continuing support!

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