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Visiting Avondale and the Bottletree

December 29, 2008

Quote of the Day: “Check it out–they have Jenga!”—Sam, on seeing Jenga and dozens of other board games at the Bottletree Cafe-Bar

After Centennial, DGW headed on to Birmingham, Alabama.

First up was a screening at Avondale Methodist Church.

DGW driver Daniel’s mom, Bobbie, is a member of Avondale. Daniel’s step-father, Rev. David Commer, is Senior Pastor at Avondale.

In fact, they were our hosts for the Birmingham visit. Thanks, Mom!

At the Avondale screening, we had a lot of fun meeting with community members who really responded to the movie.

Later on, a Girl Scout troop got a kick out of meeting with D and getting some photos.

Then, we made our way to the Bottletree cafe and bar for another screening.

The Bottletree is a great venue that plays host to a ton of musical acts and—at least one night—to hit film Darius Goes West.

If you find yourself in Birmingham, remember that no visit is complete without a stop at the Bottletree.

The quirky venue offered a perfect, relaxed atmosphere to see the film, and it was great catching up with old pals from Clarke Central Days who are now big DGW supporters–like Miller Heath, Ross Massey, Dan Bridges, and Keri Till.

Major props to Reesha Shah, Birmingham medical student and old friend of Logan’s, for finding Bottletree for us!

Afterwards, Darius and the crew spoke to the crowd.

It’s always great to meet up with family on the road, and Bobbie and David added to the sense of being home with great hospitality and incredible food throughout our stay.

Thanks so much, Bobbie, David, Avondale Methodist, Reesha, the Bottletree, and Birmingham!


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One Response to “Visiting Avondale and the Bottletree”

  1. On January 1st, 2009, meg mcglamery said:

    i am so glad that i met y’all in birmingham! i could not stay for the viewing of the documentary…but i received it for a gift during the holidays and watched it with my family. we are all a part of the movement. thank you for all that you do!

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