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Twitter Hugh Jackman for Darius Goes West!

April 23, 2009

Through his Twitter account, Hugh Jackman (you might know him as Wolverine, or the guy in Australia) is offering $100,000 to a charity. This will give whoever he chooses a big boost in resources in a tough economic time, and it will also give them huge exposure.

How will he choose? He’s asked people to post their ideas on his Twitter account for what non-profit most deserves it. Friday he’ll make his decision.

So, if you find yourself on-line between now and Friday (which you are right now if you’re reading this…), please consider tweeting Mr. Jackman about Darius Goes West.

It’s easy! If you already have a Twitter account, just go to the “What Are You Doing?” box, type “@RealHughJackman”, then in 140 characters or less explain why Darius Goes West deserves his support.

If you’re not on Twitter yet, jump on the bandwagon! You can even follow us at “DariusGoesWest”!

Thanks supporters!


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One Response to “Twitter Hugh Jackman for Darius Goes West!”

  1. On April 23rd, 2009, Terin said:

    It’s actually 140 characters or less (not words), and “@RealHughJackman” counts in your character counts so be careful!

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