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The UNC Tar Wheels: Special Blog with Video Content

February 13, 2009

Quote(s) of the day: “That’s my thing: I set picks”–Darius, on his basketball style. “You would set a mean pick”–UNC basketball star Bobby Frasor, to Darius.

Recently, Darius and crew hit the road for another long stretch. Stop number one: Chapel Hill, where our hosts set us up at the gorgeous Carolina Inn (above).

This trip was special for a couple of reasons. First, it represented the crew’s triumphant return to the west (this trip will see DGW as far west as California and as far north as Washington state).

Second, Chapel Hill has a very special place in the DGW family’s heart.

Our friend Jake Wallace, a UNC alum, was with us for just about our whole visit.

It was also great to reunite with UNC senior Katie Sue Zellner.

Plus, Jarrard Cole, who’s a student at UNC, was a big part of Darius Goes West’s success: he helped Logan edit the movie.

As Logan introduced him at the screening: “Jarrard is the man, and we NEVER get to thank him.”

In addition to meeting up with old friends, Darius kept up tradition by making new ones, and Josh Ford quickly became one. He spear-headed our UNC visit, coordinating an army of volunteers to make our time in Chapel Hill both fun and meaningful. Through Virginia Carson and the Campus Y, in cooperation with MLK Jr. Week, put on 36-hours to remember for Darius and the crew.

After a delicious dinner from Jimmy John’s, we got to hang out with Carolina Fever, UNC’s student fan club. They surprised us with…

tickets to a basketball game! Men’s basketball in Chapel Hill is, obviously, big time. Major props to Carolina Fever and the UNC Athletic Department for coming through huge with 12 tickets to the sold-out game!

The atmosphere was incredible, and we did our best to show our appreciation. Check out the video above, where the crew goes wild with the crowd.

The next morning, we ate at Alpine Bagel with Chuck and Charlie (pictured), as well as Professor Joe N. Kornegay and a couple of his fellow researchers. They’re studying DMD in dogs with hopes of finding insights into the human form of the disease.

After breakfast, it was off to the Pit in the middle of UNC’s campus, where we spread the word about the night’s screening.

We also got in on some soccer volleyball with members of UNC’s women’s soccer team! The National Champion Heels won with help from forward Casey Nogueira (in shades and plaid jacket) and keeper Anna Rodenbough (in gray shirt).

Not only did these Heels win the National Championship; they also helped Darius spread the word about his movie to other UNC students. Go Heels!

While we were at the Pit, student-journalist Mary Katherine Ayers caught up with us to work on her piece on Darius for the Daily Tar Heel, which is among the most prestigious student publications in the nation.

Check out her amazing work here.

After lunch at Mediterranean Deli, Darius got to live out one of every basketball fan’s greatest dreams…

see the Dean Smith Center with a star UNC basketball player.

Bobby Frasor, a guard for UNC, showed D around the Smith Center and the impressive Carolina Basketball Museum.

Darius met other UNC basketball players, including Danny Green and Tyler Hansbrough, all of whom were great. Bobby even presented D with a ball signed by the whole team. Before we left, we had to give the team a thank-you message.

We had already had a full, exciting day, thanks to our UNC hosts–but the screening hadn’t even started yet.

This is a video taken by crew-member Andrew Carson of the line to get into the movie. These students stood and waited for seats for the movie…and there were so many, the 800-person auditorium filled up! Josh and co. opened another screening room for the overflow audience! Way to dominate, Chapel Hill!

Introducing the movie was Anson Dorrance, the UNC women’s soccer coach. He gave us a great plug. Also, the Walk-Ons, a student a cappella group, performed for the audience.

Anson’s brother, Pete, owns Spanky’s Restaurant, which provided dinner for D and the crew.

After the screening, the crowd gave a thundering, tremendous standing ovation. Seriously, it was one of the biggest and longest cheers DGW has received; the students, teachers, and community members stood for minutes in honor of Darius. Once they finally sat down, crew-member Daniel immediately riled them up again, where they stayed for another few minutes.

We could definitely feel the love during the question-and-answer session…

and that enthusiasm extended to supporting the cause through merchandise purchases after the show.

Next, D got ready to head to the Top of the Hill Bar, which donated some of their night’s proceeds to the cause AND let the crew sell merchandise…

and the night progressed from there.

The next morning, before leaving for a long day of driving, the crew congregated at Breadman’s for breakfast with our hosts and Students for the Carolina Way.

Chapel Hill is a very special place for Darius and the crew.

Thank you so much, Josh, Jake, Jarrard, Katie Sue, Anna, Virginia, Anson, Mary Katherine, Bobby, Casey, Elizabeth McCain, Christina Olson, Miles, Archie Ervin, Allison Howard, Matt Garza, and all of the businesses, organizations, and individuals who made our Chapel Hill stop such a great kick-off to Darius’s second road trip west.

Go, Tar Heels (or, with Darius, Tar Wheels)!


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  1. On February 13th, 2009, meghan said:

    you guys are sooo strong stay that way!!

  2. On May 1st, 2009, Maddie said:

    I love you guys and don’t forget that!

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