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Team Goslabi Runs the Chicago Marathon

November 08, 2010

On 10.10.10, ten members of Team Goslabi ran the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in an effort to raise awareness and money for Darius Goes West.


Of the 10 members of the team, 9 were first-time marathoners. In fact, most didn’t even consider themselves “runners.” They trained in their respective parts of the country in the months leading to the race and raised more than $10,000 combined.

Marathon weekend kicked off Friday night at Chicago’s famous Giordano’s Pizzeria, where they were welcomed to the Windy City by their coach, Chicago screening host and Goslabi Groupie Terin Izil, and some deep-dish carbo-loading.

Part of Team Goslabi at Giordanos

Then it was off to a late-night training of playing the 1981 Runner’s World Marathon board game.

Before the crack of dawn on Sunday, Team Goslabi was up and stretching. DGW Driver Daniel Epting had some innovative stretches for his breakthrough running style.

By 6:30am, with timing chips and bibs…

…Team Goslabi was off to the start line.

Joe Mauer of New Jersey ran in honor of Aidan, who is featured in DGW. Lots of people got this view as he beat his goal of a sub-4-hour marathon.

After a Goooooooooooooslabi cheer, they were off.

Jackie Karle, who hosted a screening in Texas, not only battled the terrain, but a respiratory infection.

Pete “Scrap Iron” Carson from Athens, GA, kicked asphalt through the whole race.

Our curb crew consisted of Pete’s girlfriend, Brooke…

…and Vedha, wife of Pratish “Pratz” Pillay, another Team Goslabi runner.

Emmanuel Stone, who you should visit at Harry’s Pig Shop if you ever find yourself in Athens, not only finished all 26.2 miles, he didn’t litter the entire time. Not even at water stops.

Long-time DGW supporter Melanie Graham was still running strong at 18 miles.

And at Mile 20, DGW’s Jason Hees still had the strength for high-fives.

T-Barn and Joe were quick to finish and took advantage of the free Gatorade, massages, and food at the finish line (T-Barn more than Joe) while they waited…

…for all 10 members of Team Goslabi to cross the finish line! And no, not a single one used a bike, Segway, skateboard, golf cart, or rode a small horse.

Pete, Team Goslabi Fundraising Champion with a total of $1,844.80, shares his glory with his Darius bobblehead.

D may not have been with Team Goslabi in person, but he was definitely with us in spirit. Thanks to everyone who donated and supported the team, including Coach Terin, Assistant Coach Tim (whose time that day qualified him for Boston), and Team Goslabi’s curb crew. And a huge congratulations and thank you to marathoners T-Barn, Jason, Daniel, Melanie, Jocelyn, Manny, Pete, Jackie, Joe, and Pratish!

If you’re interested in running or walking with Team Goslabi in future marathons or local races, email Terin at

4 Responses to “Team Goslabi Runs the Chicago Marathon”

  1. On November 8th, 2010, Samantha Gennuso said:

    SOOOO cool guys!! I’m so proud of you all–I just started running last summer and I still haven’t mustered up the courage to train for a half marathon so props to ya’ll for doing the big one!! Maybe next year for me :)

    Miss you all and wish you the best! Talk soon.
    Sam G.

  2. On November 8th, 2010, kathy moran-howe said:

    Way to go Team Goslabi! Congrats to all of you!

  3. On November 8th, 2010, sara perez said:

    OMG!!! guys great job! Sometimes i loose hope but when i see things like this i get all teary eyed. *sniff* you guys truly inspire me. and this is coming from some a cynical teenager. this is defiantly one of the best stores i heard all day! keep it us! go goslabi captains!

    Lots of love,

    Sarha Perez

  4. On April 1st, 2011, Makea Change said:

    Running hard is a good way to show support for a cause… when you leave everything behind on the road thats when other people begin to see the difference you are making, thats where emotions are touched, BE THE DIFFERENCE

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