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Syracuse Again, Pt. II

May 07, 2009

Quote of the Day: “I don’t know. But I like it.”—Jason, responding to John’s question, “Why are people dressed up like cowboys?” during Cazenovia High School’s Spirit Week.

To start our second day in Syracuse, Darius and the crew headed to Cazenovia High School.

The students’ welcome for us there was another awesome example of the kind of mayhem Darius can inspire—it took like ten minutes for us just to get inside!

Once we finally were in, Darius addressed Cazenovia students…

during a couple of lunch periods.

Cazenovia brought Darius in as part of its Spirit Week, and they showed off their enthusiasm for volunteerism with a fund-raising check and a pledge to help Darius’s cause.

Like with many of the schools we visit, students at Cazenovia demonstrated a combination of enthusiasm and earnestness: they want to affect the world, and they realize they have the power to do it. It’s great to see so many students with initiative and drive.

Thanks Cazenovia!

Next, it was on to Lyncourt School for a visit with their students.

After an assembly, we ate with Lyncourt students, parents, and teachers.

Students also presented Darius with a check from funds they had raised…

and a shirt, signed by student supporters.

Thank you, Lyncourt!

The day wasn’t over: that night we had an intimate screening at Cazenovia College.

We shared some laughs with the audience…

and John showed off his world-renowned goofy face.

Thank you, Cazenovia College!

Next up, Part Three of D’s return to Syracuse. Stay tuned!


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