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Strange-Looking Kid and an Awesome Bathroom at Oberlin College

November 26, 2008

Quote of the day: “That was the coolest bathroom I ever seen.”–Darius, talking about the restroom at the Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies.

After our visit to Toledo, we high-tailed it to Oberlin, where DGW supporter Jackie Mostow set up a screening for us. We were greeted by an unusual sight…

snow! There wasn’t very much, but we Georgians aren’t used to seeing ANY snow, much less in the middle of fall.

Crew-members John Hadden and Daniel Epting have lived out in Colorado, so they were used to the snow, and Logan Smalley lived in Boston, so for him it was business as usual.

The rest of us couldn’t stop giggling, and Jason kept running around screaming, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

It was weird.

The ordeal didn’t stop the crew from catching some much needed sleep…

or from enjoying Oberlin’s beautiful campus.

First, we fueled up at Oberlin’s delicious, all-organic dining hall. Jackie paid for our meals by recruiting people to donate their guest dining hall passes.

Thanks, guys! It was delicious.

Oberlin has a world-famous music school, so our next stop on Jackie’s tour was the conservatory.

Then, we hit up the beautiful art museum.

Finally, we toured the Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies, home of the Living Machine. The Living Machine uses plant life and conventional wastewater management techniques to get the most out of water used. The building is powered using passive and active solar energy, and geothermal wells deep below give it a heating/cooling system.

It was interesting to us because the center is an example of being conscious of all factors going into designing a building. That matches the spirit of universal design, where every detail is carefully considered to make the building as accessible as possible. It takes hard work, but it’s worth it in the end.

Throughout our tour, it was obvious how tirelessly Jackie worked to promote the screening. She greeted everyone we ran into with a “This is the crew. Are you coming tonight?”

It was awesome. As for the sign on the wall above—that’s actually the floor. Jackie ran out of walls to advertise on.

While the screening was going on, Jackie had her friend Courtney take us over to the rec center for some racquetball. Courtney, Jackie, and other Oberlin students’ super-organizing efforts brought TONS of students and members of the community out. Afterwards, Courtney helped by selling popcorn.

All day, it was awesome how coordinated and willing to help the Oberlin students were under Jackie’s lead.

The screening itself was great; we even caught up with a grad-school classmate of Logan and Ben’s parents, Roger Laushman (and wife, Judy), who wanted to give “just a shout-out to Athens.”

After a particularly inspired RV-pitch from DGW driver Daniel…

Jackie’s family bought three buses!

Before we left for Columbus that night, we got to spend a little while with Jackie and co.

We talked about fundraising opportunities, goofed off…

and decided this is what it would look like if Jackie and Darius ever had a kid. That’s no wig, people. Take a closer look.

Thank you Jackie, Mostow family, Courtney, and Oberlin!


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2 Responses to “Strange-Looking Kid and an Awesome Bathroom at Oberlin College”

  1. On November 27th, 2008, dEpting said:

    holy LOLs! i LOVE this 1!

  2. On December 1st, 2008, Jackie said:

    ahhh! This is so great! Thank you guys so much for such a great day!!!!!!! Have a great holiday season!!! We miss you here at Oberlin! Thanks again for everything! Hopefully we will be raising a lot of money in the near future! We’ll keep you posted! :-)

    Take care! (BIG HUG!)

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