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Smalley Reunion in Cobleskill

November 06, 2008

Quote of the day: “Let me give a big shout-out to all the Smalleys in the house.”–Crew member Ben Smalley, speaking to an auditorium in his dad’s home town of Cobleskill, NY.

Martha Price, Pat Chandler, and Holly Cargo-Cramer hosted Darius and the crew for a screening on the State University of New York/Cobleskill’s campus.

Cobleskill is the home town of Tim Smalley, father of crew members Logan and Ben and a big part of Darius Goes West. It was a family reunion of sorts, and a lot of fun for Darius and the crew.

On campus, Holly fed us at SUNY-Cobleskill’s cafeteria.

Next we headed to Bouck Auditorium for the screening, where we played basketball and slept off the meal.

At the question-and-answer session, Darius talked about the crew’s progress in its goal to sell a million DVDs.

After the screening, Cobleskill eagerly bought DGW merchandise to help out the cause.

Seeing so many members of Ben and Logan’s family made Cobleskill feel like home. Major props to Martha, Pat, and Molly for making our stay so great…

and to Pat and Stu Chandler, who put some of us up overnight. That home cooking sure was good: especially Uncle Stu’s pancakes and omelets and Grandma Smalley’s delicious pumpkin cookies.

Thank you, Cobleskill!


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