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School Visits in New York City

July 21, 2009

Quote of the day: “Really? REALLY?!”–Daniel, upon the RV breaking down in New York.

Our fourth trip to New York City in the past seven months began with disaster: the RV broke down. In the middle of Lower Manhattan traffic. In the pouring rain.

While Daniel and Jason selflessly waited for a tow truck, the rest of us high-tailed it out of there and forgot all about them for the next few hours.

Our destination: a screening at New York University, organized by Ramya Kanukollu, Jamie Letica, and Katrina Lee.

Joining the guys up front was Julie Nusbaum, who hosted us months earlier at nearby Mt. Sinai. Between her and Tim Campbell, we had reps from two of the bigger screenings of the year.

Our NYU hosts did a great job with the logistics of the screening, and the crowd really responded to seeing Darius via Google video-chat. That night,  our hosts put us up in dorm rooms on NYU’s campus. Thanks for the lodging!

After a fantastic dinner with Aaron Edelman, DGW’s banker and an awesome supporter, we had a big next day. So we got up early, packed merchandise onto the subway, and headed uptown…

to Calhoun School.

Calhoun is an incredible school, filled with creative and inquisitive students who were motivated by D’s cause to pledge their help.

Next, we met up with Carol Terrilli, who organized all three of our day’s school visits.

She took us to Riverdale Country School

where students, faculty, and community members mingled with the crew.

When it came time for Darius’s video conferencing, the room swelled with folks…

and D’s mom, Jamie, joined Darius for a shout-out to the students.

Next we headed to Fieldston Upper School, where Carol’s daughter is a student.

The students there had all kinds of great activities for us…

and the place went crazy for D.

Like our school visits all year, the day showed us students from different backgrounds, with different hopes and dreams, united in their solidarity with making the world a better place.

Darius’s ability to rally young people around his goal serves as a powerful reminder of his strength as a role model.

With the RV fixed, the crew finally said goodbye to Carol, Tim, and New York.

But, this being the road (and this being Darius Goes West), that couldn’t be the end of it. Sure enough, the next day, the RV got a flat tire just outside of Charlotte, NC…and it was raining.

The crew was only sidelined for an hour or two before being back on the road.

Still, as they stood in the rain waiting for the repairs, the extra moments of anticipating home seemed like a fitting way to end the last long screenings road trip of the year. And when the guys pulled into Athens a few hours later and climbed into their beds, the sleep was deep and felt earned.

Thank you, NYC, and everyone who has kept our wheels spinning on the road this year!


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