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Savannah’s Big Crowds

January 26, 2009

Quote of the day: “Individually, we may feel that we are too young to make a difference. Darius Goes West is the counter-argument to that idea.”–Tim Blanco to students at his alma mater, Benedictine Military School.

Savannah, Georgia recently hosted Darius and the gang for a three-day stay. First up, Darius participated in an interview where he told the audience about the weekend’s screenings.

Next, we got to hang out with some of our Savannah hosts.

We played pool, met up with Margaret Hubbard  (to the right of John) and Tali Bren (just to Darius’s right), and enjoyed Tali and her family’s INCREDIBLE food.

We also got to celebrate Tali’s birthday!

Later, everybody put up their feet and enjoyed some football. It was a great, relaxed evening.

The next morning we made our way to Benedictine Military School.

Benedictine is the alma mater of Tim Blanco (in white, to the right of Darius). At Benedictine, all students participate in community service.

Father Frank (two to the left of Darius) introduced us to his students, who gave Darius a Benedictine hoodie!

Major thanks to Father Frank, Tim, Pam, and the students of Benedictine!

After our visit to the Cadets, Darius headed to Savannah Country Day School, where a screening was scheduled for the following night. We met up with Margaret and Tali there.

The students had seen all or part of the movie, so they were pumped to see Darius.

SCDS students Mary, Yolanda, and Kathleen showed us the campus.

Here crew-member John Hadden poses with a new friend—one of many we made on our visit.

At lunch, students showed their support for Darius’s cause by making donations and buying merchandise. They raised thousands for Darius Goes West—at lunch alone!

Huge thanks to Zack, a student at SCDS who led the merchandise sales to students, and to the students, faculty, and staff of Savannah Country Day, including Jessica Seymour, Rebecca Coleman, Tommy Crenshaw, Gail MacPherson, Caitlin Plummer, Chris Garten, and Marcia Hull, among many others!

After lunch, Darius spoke to the school’s middle school students, and we posed for this picture. Thanks, Savannah Country Day!

That night, we met up with longtime DGW friend Marty Johnston. Marty is one of the founders of Project REACH (now Project START), where most of the guys first met Darius. She has been instrumental in the development of Darius Goes West—and in the development of some of the crew-members—and we loved the chance to see her.

Marty organized the night’s screening, held at the Savannah Civic Center Ballroom.

Also at the screening, we met up with Tim Blanco and his family! Tim and Alisa (to Darius’s left) hosted Darius Goes West at a Leadership Georgia session in Macon.

After we said goodbye to the Civic Center, it was on to The Distillery, a new pub that is quickly becoming a Savannah institution.

The Distillery is a great place to hang out, and all the people there (especially Michael) are really generous. Plus, they donated some of their proceeds from the night to the Darius Goes West Foundation! If you find yourself in Savannah, make sure to swing by The Distillery.

The next day was the screening at Savannah Country Day. We saw some old faces…

and met some new ones, including Evan, who helped us out at the question-and-answer session. Evan doesn’t go to SCDS yet, but he will soon.

Savannah Country Day was filled with bright students, so we know Evan will have no trouble fitting in.

Thanks (and Happy Birthday!) Tali…

Margaret and Carter (pictured); Marty; Tim, Alisa, and the Blanco clan; Bren family; Jessica, Tommy, Gail, Father Frank, Pam, and all the faculty and staff at Savannah Country Day and Benedictine; and Yolanda, Mary, Zack, Kathleen, and all the students at SCDS and Benedictine! We had a blast, and we can’t wait to see you again!


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2 Responses to “Savannah’s Big Crowds”

  1. On January 27th, 2009, jackie said:

    So, I’m glad everything went so great, but not one of you stopped on River Street to get me some dark chocolate bark w/ almonds???? sup dat? It’s not like you’re all that busy! :) heh, heh.

  2. On January 27th, 2009, kathy moran said:

    Finishing your blogs are like finishing a really good book that you’re not ready for it to end. Just want to savor it a little longer.

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