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Reuniting with Javier and Co. on Long Island, Pt.2

April 17, 2009

Quote of the Day: “Because it’s hot where he lives”—Javier, on why he gave Darius a homemade fan.

Our time with Javier and his crew continued with a stop at Smithtown High School East. (In the picture above, Javier tells the crowd about the fan he made for Darius.)

Smithtown is where Philly and Dessy Bubaris go. Last fall, Philly spoke to a group in DC about how teens can make a difference, and she mentioned Darius Goes West in her presentation.

With their guidance, and that of Assistant Principal Mike Aleci, Smithtown brought Darius and the crew to their school.

To help with the cause, over a hundred students at Smithtown volunteered to form a crew of their own to combat Duchenne muscular dystrophy. That’s awesome, Smithtown!

Later, we headed to the Stony Brook University Physical Therapy Department Adapted Aquatics class, where we met up with Javier’s class.

Darius loves the water, and getting him in was almost easy with so many people lending a hand (almost).

We had a blast swimming with D and the rest of the guys.

Huge thanks to all the volunteers who make this program a success…

and to Dr. Peter Angelo, Head of Adapted Aquatics, who pours his soul into it.

The next day, after some much-needed rest, we went to Murphy Junior High…

where Assistant Principal Pat DeClemente gave us a rousing introduction.

The students had lots of great questions for Darius and the crew…

and Javier, of course, was a big hit with everyone.

Next, Javier led us to Gelinas Junior High.

Props to Principal Gus Hueber for bringing us there…

and to students, who wore sunglasses as an indication they had donated to the cause. Thanks Gelinas!

HUGE thanks to everyone who played a part in hosting us in Long Island (especially Stasia, Dave, Harry, Javier, Richie, and Jennifer)! We love you!!


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