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Reuniting with Javier and Co. on Long Island, Pt.1

April 17, 2009

After some time fixing technical difficulties–and a much-needed work-break–the DGW Blog is back on track. Without further adieu, our return to Long Island:

Quote of the Day: “Darius!”—Javier, on seeing Big D again.

Traveling across the country, Darius and the crew have started some friendships and cemented others. It’s always fun to return to a place and see people again.

So, D and the crew looked forward for a while to meet back up with Javier (pictured above), his parents Richie and Jennifer, his cousin Harry, Harry’s folks Stasia and Dave, and everyone else at Long Island.

First up in Long Island was a visit to Sequoya Middle School.

Like many schools on Long Island, Sequoya has done a lot for DGW. Philanthropy seems to come easy for these students: they’ve had huge participation in such movements as Locks for Love.

Lori Hewlett set it up, and Sequoya hooked us up with some new threads. (It was well-timed, as crew-member Andrew was nearly out of clean clothes!)

The warm welcome included some big donations raised by the students at Sequoya.

Afterward, some members of the school’s drama club serenaded us with a song from their upcoming performance of “Annie”. Thanks, Sequoya!

That night, we headed to a Battle of the Bands benefit organized by Harborfields High School.

The students put on some incredible acts in this really innovative way to raise money to combat DMD.

The next morning, we got to meet with the Harborfields students and thank them, as well as school psychologist Anita Quiett, in person…

as well as shoot hoops with their basketball team. It was at Harborfields that we met hometown hero Dylan Thompson who, along with D, was the focus of an amazing article in Newsday. Check it out!

Later on, some of the guys went to a screening at St. Joseph’s College organized by Mikko Tesalona and the Delta Psi Omega fraternity, while others headed back to Harborfields…

for a dodgeball tournament!

Proceeds from the event helped further the fight against DMD, and everyone had a ton of fun in the process.

Props to Harborfields, Sequoya, and St. Joseph’s for good times and some innovative fund-raising, and starting off our week in Long Island right!


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One Response to “Reuniting with Javier and Co. on Long Island, Pt.1”

  1. On April 18th, 2009, Michelle Boccio said:

    That was lilterally one of the best days at harborfields highschool. You guys were an inspiration. By the way, i hope you enjoyed the cupcakes! And if i can continue to help Daruis and his fight please let me know! my email is

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