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Reunions at Mount Sinai

October 27, 2008

Quote of the day: “These 19-year-old punks are doing great things.”–Dr. Benji Seckler, describing the DGW crew. (Some of the older guys were thrilled at being called 19.)

Mount Sinai hosted Darius Goes West for a screening at the Goldwurm Auditorium in the Icahn Medical Center. Here, Darius poses with DGW friend and Mount Sinai student Julie, who quarterbacked our stay in New York. Thanks Julie!

Before the screening, we rode by MTV’s Total Request Live studio in Times Square. In a spontaneous protest, driver Daniel blared the horn at MTV as Darius yelled playful jabs out the window.

In case they didn’t get the point right away, Daniel circled the block so we could pass by again. The RV turned some heads. If they only knew….

Later, Julie, along with longtime DGW friend/Athens native Amy Coenen and “the women of apartment 3G” (Denise Purdie, Abby Southard, Nora Segar, and Katie Flachs) entertained us in a classroom in Mount Sinai, where Darius enjoyed the incredible view.

They also fed us, and were appalled by our table manners. This is what one chicken looked like–and that’s just after one crew member (John Hadden) loaded his plate.

Mount Sinai gave us a standing ovation at the screening itself.

It was fascinating to take part in a question-and-answer session with so many current and future members of the medical community.

We stood in constant awe at a room full of people whose research could lead to treatment or a cure to Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Luckily, Benji (Dr. Benjamin Seckler in the movie) was with us to handle most of the medical questions. Benji gave the eager students insight into how hopeful researchers are in their fight against DMD.

Benji is a founder and president of DGW’s beneficiary, Charley’s Fund.

He attended Mount Sinai as a medical student, many members of his family were born in Mount Sinai Medical Center, and his father taught at the medical school for years.

Charley’s fund’s goal is to put money into the hands of researchers and scientists who have the best shot at affecting or treating Duchenne in Charley’s lifetime.

The discussion didn’t end when the Q-and-A was over; it continued in the lobby outside the theater for more than an hour!

Of course, Mark of Excellence Catering’s wonderful food probably had a lot to do with that. Mark, a caterer out of Long Island, has been supporting the project for over a year. He is good friends with the Portnoy Family (Javier’s parents and aunt) whom you met in the Long Island Post. Thanks, Mark of Excellence!

Here, Darius poses with another member of his NY posse, Ben Allen. Ben works in the music industry, and has collaborated with Gnarls Barkley, among others. Ben is also Darius’s rap mentor.

Expect some new tunes soon!

Even after the impromptu reception in the lobby, the night wasn’t over yet! We went out with our hosts and friends and kicked back at an accessible pub called Saloon.

Thanks, Amy (to the far left), Julie (to the left of Darius), Mark of Excellence Catering (to Darius’s right), Mount Sinai Medical School, and New York!


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One Response to “Reunions at Mount Sinai”

  1. On October 27th, 2008, Joan Borick said:

    This all looks so amazing! I LOVE NEW YORK! ( oh so original!) What I really love is following along on the trip and feeling like I am part of this movement! I really think you guys are doing things the rest of us wish we could do! But the neat things is we can all help be a part of this fantastic year and mission of 1 million DVD’s. I am working on my part. I keep a case of DVD’s on hand so that when the topic comes up….I can whip a DVD out and get people to ..Know About It!
    Hey all you people out there that are wanting to make a difference…..grab a bunch of DVD’s and start selling…anybody that feels like they want to do something but are not sure what… this is an easy way to start! The holidays are right around the corner and this would help your friends solve the “shopping dilemia” …so really you are doing 2 great things….Don’t you feel better already! If you’re worried about the cost have some friends go in on it and and challenge each other is sales…just like those chocalate bars you had to sell in high school…except easier!!! (and less fattening)
    Go sell those DVD’s! It’s a challenge…..Clemson SC is sneaking up on everybody… better get moving!
    Love to all you guys….keep up the good work….you are making us all feel the love!!!
    Hugs to all!
    Joan and the fam!

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