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Return to Greens Farms Academy

November 11, 2008

Quote of the day: “I thought it was the capital of Connecticut.”–DGW driver Daniel about Mozambique, telling the audience about Darius Goes West’s international sales.

In our last visit on this stretch on the road, we swung by Greens Farms Academy in Greens Farms, Connecticut.

We were hosted by Avery Salinger. Avery is a long-time friend of the cause.

Robbi Hart also set up the screening.

For some in the crew, it was a return; Ben, Sam, and Logan visited Greens Farms Academy last school year. That screening was also set up by Robbi and Avery.

The rest of us hadn’t been to Greens Farms…

but we all agreed on the beauty of the campus.

In fact, it was a lot of fun to just wander and enjoy the campus.

Avery took us to the gym, where we played basketball, and Robbi led us to the library, where we got some much-needed work done.

A little later, Tracy Seckler, founder of Charley’s Fund, met up with us!

The screening itself was so packed that we ran out of seating! Many students, teachers, and parents stood to watch the film.

During the question-and-answer session, Tracy told the crowd about her first impressions of the idea for Darius Goes West: “I just thought it was refreshing, and interesting, and way more fun” than other vehicles for discussion of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD).

Tracy went on: “This is a historic time for this disease; we’ve known about DMD for 150 years, and until last year, no treatment was promising enough for human clinical trials. Human clinical trials are now underway.”

It’s an exciting moment to be fighting DMD.

After the Q-and-A, it was mayhem, as students, teachers, and parents rushed to merchandise tables. We completely sold out of small and medium Goslabi t-shirts!

We also got to see Matt Salinger, Avery’s dad (in the photo buying a bus). Like Avery, Matt has been a huge friend to Darius Goes West.

Finally, things quieted down a bit, and we got a chance to say goodbye, before finally heading home to Athens.

Throughout our stretch in the northeast, we met incredible folks like Avery and Robbi. Everywhere we’ve been, the generosity and support of our hosts has energized us and kept us going.

Thank you Avery, Robbi, Matt, Tracy, and Greens Farms! Thank you, northeast!


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  1. On November 18th, 2008, olivia said:

    i was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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