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Rest In Peace, Darius Weems

October 09, 2016

Please mourn with us DGW Fans.

Our beloved Darius Weems, age 27, passed away due to DMD-related cardiopulmonary failure. Concerned with a persistent cough, Darius’s sister, Maroneisha Robinson, helped him check into Athens Regional Medical Center on Friday morning. While visiting with a physician his symptoms progressed rapidly, and he was transferred, unconscious, to the hospital’s intensive care unit. Surrounded by family members, local DGW crew members, and a dedicated team of doctors, Darius passed peacefully and painlessly at 1:30pm today.

Shock. Grief. Helplessness. Those are the emotions we’re feeling — emotions that all members of the DMD community feel too often and know too well.

Joy. Camaraderie. Love. Those are the emotions he would want us to feel–emotions that he embodied in his lifelong fight against DMD, and that he spread through countless individuals across the hundreds of thousands of miles of roads that he traveled.

And it worked! One month ago, which was two weeks before his 27th birthday celebration, Darius learned that his efforts (alongside the efforts of so many others) helped affect the first ever FDA approved treatment for DMD. It was an historic day, a day that joy, camaraderie, and love prevailed.

So, friends, as you join us in mourning, we ask you to reflect on what Darius told us all to do in this profoundly tragic moment.

These are his words, as recorded in his award-winning documentary, Darius Goes West, and you’ll recall that he rapped them over the moment that his foot touched the Pacific Ocean.

“I was smiling that day and I’m gonna be smiling when I leave. ‘Cause when I die, folks ain’t gonna say ‘Darius gone’… they gonna say ‘Darius gone West’.”

We’ll announce the funeral details when we have them. Donations in Darius’s memory can be made to or

12 Responses to “Rest In Peace, Darius Weems”

  1. On October 10th, 2016, Mitzi Meador said:

    My heart breaks to hear that Darius passed away yesterday. I’ve been following DGW for about 10 years. Darius was a special young man and so lucky to have such a special group of friends “his crew” who cared so much about him. Their devotion to him was amazing. I am praying for Darius’ family and his crew. God bless each and every one of you. Our son has DMD and will be 28 in December. My heart aches with you all.

  2. On December 21st, 2016, John Finn said:

    Darius, your spirit lives on within all those who knew you and knew about you. Our lives are enriched by you. We here at Don Bosco Prep in Ramsey NJ have followed your story for about eight years. We once had the opportunity to Facetime with you and just missed the chance to have a visit from the crew when they were in the NYC area. The video was viewed again today by a number of my students and when I searched for an update we discovered the sad news. My own son David, 24, has a form of MD. We have followed your advise. David has gone out into the world and made his mark. Last year NBC’s sports did a feature on him and his journey to become “Golf’s greatest fan”. We understand your message and will carry it forward for as long as we can. Merry Christmas - john finn

  3. On December 23rd, 2016, Kristi Newton said:

    Wow, my heart is saddened. I have followed DGW since you came to Syracuse NY back in 2007. I just finished showing this to my 8th grade Health class in Auburn, NY when one of my students told me to check out the website. Darius will always have a place here and thank you all for sharing this amazing adventure. Peace be with you all as you deal with your grief. Darius will continue in inspire all!!
    Kristi Newton
    Auburn Junior High School. New York

  4. On February 12th, 2017, Edward Rippett said:

    This is sooo sad rest in peace darius. I had the honor of meeting darius when he came to a Biddeford maine school and we took a field trip just to go meet him it’s something I’ll never forget you helped alot of people darius everybody is proud of you!

  5. On March 2nd, 2017, hunner said:

    i wacthed his move in health i started to cry he is just so amizing

  6. On March 16th, 2017, dgd said:


  7. On April 27th, 2017, Michael said:

    Rest In Peace

  8. On June 1st, 2017, Cindy Contreras said:

    I am a middle school teacher and have been showing Darius Goes West to my 6th and 7th graders just before summer break for many years. Every year my kids ask me if Darius is still alive. This is the first year I have had to say no, he has passed. There was silence in the room. My heart breaks since I think of Darius as a friend, even though we’ve never met. I look forward to showing the movie and bringing about discussions regarding the way we interact with people with disabilities, and I know my students have been impacted by this movie. Darius has been a blessing to me and hundreds of my students. Rest in peace Darius. You made a difference in this world.

  9. On August 10th, 2017, Katherine King said:

    I met Darius back in 2009 when he came to show his movie and speak to Mississippi State University. It was my freshman year. He had such a captivating smile and personality. I still have the “glosabi” shirt I got from the group. It’s hard to know he’s passed on now, but his memory is still alive. I still think of him every time I pull the shirt out and I’ve shared his story multiple times when people ask “what’s glosabi?” Rest In Peace. You’re still making a positive impact on this world from afar.

  10. On September 19th, 2017, Will Marble said:

    I am the Health and Wellness Coordinator at the Alabama School of Fine Arts and have been showing DGW for about 10 years. It has inspired students as we look at disabilities and understand humanity in a more authentic manner. Thanks Darius and all who made this film and this story possible and accessible. Peace be with you

  11. On December 5th, 2017, Alyssa Rufo said:

    Ik I’m a little late on this but I was going through YouTube and eventually got to a video about a child’s story with DMD which brought to the thought of Aidan and song and DGW and if Darius was still alive. Now I swear I have searched in the past year and surely should have seen this but sadly I just not. Ok so how I came across Darius and his story. Well first let me say there was (I moved from the district) this really cool kid a grade above me who has DMD and his name is Aidan Sandor and his dog is song. Anyway idk how but somehow him and his family got into the DGW documentary. So about 5 years after it came out the whole school watched it. And as a sixth grader it was so inspiring to me because one I have a vision disability two it made me understand who Aidan was better and three I just thought it was so cool and awesome. Then after that the whole school (fleetwood middle school) got to meet him because he came to our school met Aidan rapped and other stuff that I don’t remember. I’m just so happy I got the privilege to meet him and I feel so privileged to have known Aidan and sing and when something eventually happens to Aidan I’ll probably be really devastated. I’m proud that Darius made his short life on this beautiful earth a memorable one. <3 u ur an inspiration rip I will miss u Darius

  12. On May 21st, 2018, Karen Ingram said:

    I have shown DGW for ten years as a source that is part of our 12th grade English research project on disability. My students continue to be moved, and each viewing reminds me of the love and joy your crew promoted on Darius’s journey. In turn, your journey has become a part of ours.
    A truly beautiful and inspirational story.

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