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Po’ Boys in West Monroe and a Trip to the Coke Plant in Hattiesburg

July 03, 2009

Quote of the Day: “His nickname is Fred Astaire, he’s such a phenomenal dancer”—Daniel, talking about DGW photographer and dance maverick Kevin.

After our stop at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, we jumped across the Louisiana border to West Monroe for a screening.

It was organized by Lori Ware (against wall), Richie Grant, and the students of West Monroe High School that worked so hard to bring us there.

The screening was held at First Baptist Church-West Monroe Worship Center…

and they greeted us with an enormous welcoming dinner.

While we ate, Richie (pictured, with gift basket) and the gang plied us with gifts of food (mostly healthy, thank goodness!) and enough West Monroe High School apparel to clothe us for weeks.

With no easy way to do laundry on the road, that’s a very good thing—for everyone!

We also got to know one of our other hosts, Seph (he’s between Daniel and Ben)…

then checked out our digs for the screening.

First Baptist is incredible, and the sanctuary was a great place to screen the movie.

Darius was introduced by Richie and students from West Monroe.

The crowd was awesome, made up of members of the First Baptist congregation; students, faculty, and parents at West Monroe High School; and community members from around the area.

Students and faculty from one school made a two-hour trek to see DGW…

and two girls even skipped their high school prom to come to the screening and question-and-answer session!

Hopefully, the surprise video-chat visit from Jaime, Darius’s mom, along with D, helped make the trip worth it.

The next day, Lori, Seph, and co. saw us off with Po’ Boys and a movie.

After saying our goodbyes…

we returned to Mississippi for a screening in Hattiesburg.

Russ Hendley organized a screening at the Coca-Cola Bottling Company in Hattiesburg.

Russ, who has been gung ho about Darius Goes West for a while, did a great job drumming up support from his family and friends, and the place was packed.

The crowd was great…

even after many, many lame jokes from the crew…

and we look forward to a continuing partnership with Russ and the community of Hattiesburg.

Thank you, Russ, Lori, Seph, Richie, First Baptist Church-West Monroe Worship Center, Hattiesburg Coca-Cola Bottling Plant, West Monroe, and Hattiesburg!

Don’t forget, you’re invited to DGW Weekend, July 17-18 in Athens, GA. It’s going to be a blast! (For more information, please read this blog:, email or call DGW World Headquarters at 706-613-7237.)


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