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Ohio v. South Carolina

December 09, 2008

Ladies and gentleman, we have a new third-place leader in the states’ race for most DVDs sold!

A couple of months ago, Ohio was in third place, thanks to on-line sales and big screenings in Cleveland and Akron.

Then, South Carolina swooped in. On the strength of a big night in Clemson, South Carolina overcame Ohio for third, and the race was on. For a couple of months, the lead was within ten DVDs!

Just last week, after more on-line donations and Darius’s visits to Toledo, Oberlin, Columbus, Kent, and Cleveland, Ohio reclaimed the third-place spot!

You’ve been showing us the love all along, South Carolina. Can you reclaim third-place?

Ohio, the race is still tight; extend your lead or it will swing again!

Also, in the first v. second battle, New York continues to lead Georgia, our home state.

Keep the pedal to the medal, NY!

Let’s step up, GA!

With the states’ race heating up, there’s no time to lose. Buy your DVD today, and rep YOUR state.


18,791 DVDs sold!

Leading States: New York, Georgia, Ohio
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4 Responses to “Ohio v. South Carolina”

  1. On December 9th, 2008, Jackie said:

    YAYYYYY!!!! Lets keep it up Ohio!!! I’m doing more sales at Oberlin, so hopefully we’ll keep our place or even move on up! :-)

  2. On December 9th, 2008, Joan said:

    Oh my word!!! The South shall RISE AGAIN!!!! You better keep buyin’ those DVD’s Ohio…because I am cranking up my email as we speak!
    Come on SC let’s get a move on….
    And NC Where the heck are you? GA …my birth state….COME On!…..These are your home grown BOYS! What’s the problem here people! It is an AWARD WINNING MOVIE!!!! Let’s show them that we understand that in the South too! I am shaking my head right now!!!
    Get a move on people!!!!!

  3. On December 9th, 2008, christi said:

    It would be fun to see a graph of how many DVDs are sold each week. Reason is I’m thinking the numbers are moving up faster as we go…. maybe because more and more people are spreading the word… Could there be a pyramid effect going on? or the holidays? If everyone who has bought one gets two others to buy, it would grow and grow!!!
    Keep up the good work!!

  4. On December 9th, 2008, christi said:

    what about the WEST!!! They need to get on the bandwagon as well!!! Everyone send an email to everyone you know out west, and maybe things will take off there too!! You know… darius goes WEST!!

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