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Nightline Joins the Crew in Maine

June 03, 2012

Quote of the day: “This is what it’s like AFTER you’ve cleaned it??”–Nightline’s Cynthia McFadden, after stepping into the DGW van.

After an awesome Memorial Day Weekend in Maine, D and the crew got back to work, fortified with lobster and the greatest strawberry rhubarb pie in the history of the universe.

First, Mo (with help from Amble, Barb, and Ced) cleaned and rearranged the vans. We wanted to make sure everything was all right because…

Cynthia McFadden and a production crew from ABC’s Nightline tagged along for our Maine school visits! Darius’s segment will run in mid- to late-June; we’ll put the details on the blog as soon as we know them.

We couldn’t have asked for a better audience than Maine, or a better host than Hauns Bassett and Jobs for Maine Graduates, to coincide with the Nightline filming.

Darius followed a fire and ambulance escort to Erskine Academy, where Jobs for Maine Graduates had bused in students from all over. Cynthia McFadden and a couple of her crew members came along for the ride.

Logan joined Darius and Dirt in a q-and-a session, then D and Dirt performed for the students.

Here’s Believe Tour manager Barbara, granting an autograph request for a young fan! (Not fair–she still refuses to give me autographs when I ask.)

The next day, it was on to Biddeford, ME, for a new crop of students…

and even a marriage proposal. (Darius is still considering his answer.)

Students presented D with a fundraising check…

and a key to Jobs for Maine Graduates. Did we also mention he received keys to China and Biddeford, ME? A reason to go back for sure!

Darius and Dirt thanked our hosts with a great performance that had all the students rocking.

On-camera and off-, Darius had a blast in Maine. Thank you so much Hauns, Bassett family, Ashley, Julie, ABC, and everyone else who made the Believe Tour’s stop in Maine a success!

2 Responses to “Nightline Joins the Crew in Maine”

  1. On June 4th, 2012, kathy said:

    Darius Marry Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it!

  2. On June 5th, 2012, Sandra Y. Espinoza said:

    Amazing work, folks! I am so proud to turn my (graduate) social work students on to your work…and happy to see that some of them sign up to your site and follow you.
    Sandra, Salem State University, MA
    PhD, UGA SSW, 2009

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