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New Kicks at Rhodes

September 21, 2008

DGW was in Memphis September 16 for a screening at Rhodes College set up by Allie Henson, Karolina Grabowicz, and the Tri Delta sorority.

We arrived and received a student guided tour of the beautiful 160-year-old campus.

Darius loved the scenic quads and was impressed by the school’s strong academics.  He was also thrilled that his hat met the exact same requirements as the Rhodes building codes.

After the tour, we hit up the Barbecue Shop, where the Tri Delts got us waaay too much authentic Memphis BBQ.

After the massive lunch, we headed back to campus, where a couple hours later we had dinner with the Tri Delts. Here we are working off some of those calories in a soccer game on the quad.

Later, Darius caught up with Andy Shay, a student and basketball player at Rhodes. Darius mentioned to Andy that he liked his Air Jordan shoes, and just hours later Andy showed up with a brand new pair for Darius. Big D was so excited that he wore his new kicks to the screening. Andy also made a big donation to DGW! What a supporter!

At the screening itself, the packed crowd gave Darius and crew a huge standing ovation.

And the Q-and-A was great, too. Answering questions from peers makes us feel like we are making progress on our original goal—to reach the 70 million viewers of MTV, all them the age that lives and dies with this disease.  DMD aside, the college tours are SO much fun.

Thank you so much Karolina, Allie, Tri Delts, Andy, and students!

We love you, Rhodes!


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  1. On September 22nd, 2008, Tia Brown said:

    What good Big Daddy? This Tia!

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