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Memorial Day in Maine

June 02, 2012

Quote of the day: “You know, like Bullwinkle”–Barbara, citing Rocky and Bullwinkle for all of her moose-related knowledge.

After visiting Vermont and New Hampshire, Darius and the crew put their feet up and relaxed for Memorial Day Weekend. Thanks to the awesome folks at the Fireside Inn & Suites, we were treated to six complimentary rooms in Waterville. Ahhhhh!

Hauns Bassett–the teacher who brought D to Maine for his stop on the Believe Tour–also hosted our Memorial Day weekend stay, which started off with a Celtics’ playoff game.

The next day, Hauns led us to Pine Tree camp, near Rome, ME. Check out the wheelchair-accessible treehouse above!

The outing gave Pete a chance to enjoy one of his favorite activities–fishing. (Catch-and-release, of course!)

While Pete caught the two biggest whoppers of the day, Dirt also got into the action…

as did Hauns and his son…

and Darius!

Terin Izil joined Darius for the long weekend (and even helped D reel in his catch!).

Terin runs an awesome camp for people with neuromuscular disabilities, called Camp Promise. To volunteer as a counselor or donate, click here. Camp Promise West will be in Vaughn, WA, August 19-26, and Camp Promise East will be in Hebron, CT, July 29-August 4.

Also joining D and the gang were Stephanie Kent and Logan, seen here showing off their boating skills. (It was tempting to post a pic of them getting the canoe into the water. Not pretty! Haha.)

The camp is beautiful. For more info, click here. We’re very grateful for the chance to explore it.

Also on tap was a lobster bake!

This was the first time eating lobster for most of the crew, and while Hauns seemed pretty trustworthy…

Ced gave his a few thumps to make sure he wouldn’t get pinched.

While the lobster was great, D and the gang also got to enjoy other Maine delicacies, like fiddleheads…

and whoopie pies. Yum! Thanks for the incredible meal, Bassett family.

The next day, grillmaster Pete took charge.

Inspired by the Bassett family’s meal the night before, Pete was happy to show our new friend some southern grilling, and he plied Hauns with enough food for a week.

Who could ask for a better spot for Memorial Day, or better company? Thank you, Bassett clan, Steph, and Terin!

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