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Locked Out at Sewanee!

September 23, 2008

September 18, Darius and the crew made their way to Sewanee, Tennessee for a screening at beautiful University of the South.

As recently as Tuesday the 16th, Sewanee wasn’t even a definite on our schedule. But thanks to some mad scrambling on the part of the University of the South community, it went great! A coalition of faculty, students, and alumni broke the record for fastest organizing of a screening. Thank you so much, Jay Fisher, Laurie Saxton, Doug Cameron, Tayloe Steadman, and Lucy Taylor, among many others!

And major props to Laurie Fowler, pictured introducing the film, who is a University of the South alum and a DGW mom!

Here, Darius and crew explore the gorgeous campus.

At the screening, we caught up with Michael Mansfield. Michael and his family are big supporters of Darius Goes West, and it was great to check out his school.

Our tour buses were a big hit with the audience. Each holds twelve DVDs that you can distribute to friends or sell to customers if you own a store. You get a shirt with the tour bus, too!

The question-and-answer session after the screening was great, reflecting the balance in the audience between students, faculty members, and families.

But before the Q-and-A started, we accidentally locked ourselves out of the screening! One of the viewers eventually let us in, and we all had a good laugh about it.

A lot of the members in the audience talked about another DGW screening, and we can’t wait to go back and enjoy more of Sewanee’s amazing scenery and great hospitality. Thanks, Sewanee!


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