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Keynote Speaking in Columbus

December 01, 2008

Quote of the day: “I think you guys are fantastic, and you’re by far the best keynote speakers I’ve ever heard.”—Audience member at the Ohio Prevention and Education Conference.

After our Oberlin stop, Darius and crew spoke to the Ohio Prevention and Education Conference (OPEC).

Held at the Crowne Plaza Columbus North, this annual conference brings in educators and members of the youth services community.

Their motto is, “to relearn, renew, and connect.” With that theme in mind, they enlisted Darius and crew as this year’s keynote speakers.

It was a true honor, especially because teachers and members of the youth services community have been so key in our cause.

The audience seemed to like us, too. Said one person: “Thank you. Any time that we have an opportunity to motivate students, we have to take it. You don’t have to worry: your message is absolutely on target; we get it; here’s my twenty.” She then pulled out a twenty dollar-bill (how much a DVD costs).

We talked a lot about our schools program. Here, Daniel describes how rewarding it is when we go to schools and a teacher tells him that Darius Goes West has motivated students who seem to be detached.

After a few minutes of much-needed rest and unwinding, we also had lunch with the folks at OPEC. We were able to trade ideas with other folks who work hard to give kids the opportunity to be inspired.

Thanks, OPEC!


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