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Calling All Daredevils…Will You Jump for Darius?

May 14, 2014

What up, DGW Supporters?

So, we’ve already dared you to eat a spoonful of wasabi—just like Darius did in our movie—by taking the Goslabi Challenge. Thousands of you have gulped down this flaming hot sushi spice and helped us raise over $100,000 for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) research.

Now we double dog dare you to Jump For Darius—from the top of a platform into a giant air bag as part of a fall TV show called Dare Me For Charity. DGW Crew members Daniel (the crazy driver) and Jason (the Canooter Snooter/tornado guy) have started teams of jumpers in Atlanta and Nashville. We invite you to jump with them…OR start a Jump for Darius team of your own. Dare Me for Charity is visiting 32 cities. CLICK HERE to see if yours (or one near you) is on the list, then keep reading to find out how to join an existing Jump for Darius team OR create one of your own. No matter where you jump, we’ll ALL be on the same team, working toward the same goal: a chance to win as much as a million bucks for Darius Goes West…and DMD research could sure use the funds!


A camera crew from Dare Me For Charity will be filming folks taking the leap for their favorite charities in these 32 cities with plans to turn the best footage into a TV show that will air in the fall. For each jumper, they will keep raising the platform until you can’t go any higher­—or you reach the 40ft maximum height, which is roughly the height of a 4-story building. After jumping, they will interview you to ask why you were willing to take the plunge for Darius and what DGW means to you.

During the event, the show’s host will also select random teams to participate in “On-The-Spot” challenges throughout the day, allowing your team to win additional bonus cash. These dares may include jumping from a higher footage, or various other activity challenges that you may or may not be able to complete—such as wearing a chicken suit or dancing or singing, etc.


Each team must have a minimum of five members willing to jump. You must be at least 10 years old, weigh less than 300 pounds, and be able to take the leap without assistance. The bigger your team, the better—and the more jumps each team member is willing to make, the better your chances of winning cash for DGW.


1. Log on to:

2. Click the “Start A Team” button at the top of the page

3. Select your city from the pull-down menu

4. Type in “Darius Goes West, Inc” in the “Find Your Charity” box

5. Type in your name and email address, then create a password

6. Choose “Create Team” or “Join this Team” if one has already been established

If you create a new Jump For Darius Team, you’ll be the designated Captain and will earn three free jumps. If you join an existing Jump for Darius team, you’ll need to pay $15 for your three jumps. Remember, you can purchase as many jumps as you think you can make. You can also give your jumps to friends you want to join your team.

Once you’re on a team, use Facebook, Twitter and email to convince other daredevils you know to be a part of your team. Remember, the bigger the team, the better our chances of winning big money—and being on TV in the fall.


Love this idea but afraid of heights or don’t meet the requirements to jump? No worries. You can sign up anyway and give your ticket to someone else who wants to jump.

You can also sponsor a Jump for Darius team and get your logo on the team page and the team sign at the event. Each sponsorship includes tickets that the Team Captain can assign to others who want to jump.

Jump tickets are limited in each city, so don’t dilly-dally in creating/joining a Jump for Darius team.

Questions? Shoot us an email at

Thanks for your courage. Your support makes all of us at DGW—well, jump for joy!

The DGW Crew

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