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Illness and Donuts in Brandeis and UConn

April 23, 2009

Quote of the Day: “You don’t sound so good”—Darius, to sick-sounding crew-member Jason.

After our time with Javier and gang on Long Island, Darius and crew headed to Brandeis University. Though many of us were feeling under the weather (it’s REALLY cold up north, even in spring), that didn’t stop us from enjoying a dinner with members of the Brandeis community.

Our Brandeis hosts, Rebecca Schulman and Anushka, brought us in to show Darius Goes West as part of a disability awareness campaign.

We showed the film in the lovely library of the Rapaporte Treasure Hall…

where we shared “Ten Reasons To Buy a DVD of Darius Goes West”.

It was cool to speak to a crowd made up of so many people who, like Darius, advocate for people with disabilities.

Brandeis also hooked the screening up with refreshments, including a ton of donuts. Here, Jason enjoys one.

Actually, Jason enjoyed many donuts at Brandeis…

including this one that John had been enjoying just a few moments before. Meanwhile, Amble looks on helplessly.

Happy from our return to Brandeis, and from the knowledge that Jason’s flu/cold seemed to have cleared up, we headed onward.

Thank you, Rebecca, Anushka, Sarah, Jenny, and everyone at Brandeis!

After Brandeis, some of the crew-members went to Yale University for a screening organized by DGW friends Max Barbakow and Moses Soyoola…

while the rest of the gang (including DGW’s still-photographer, Kevin) went to a screening at the University of Connecticut.

It was awesome. Our organizers from Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity did a great job, especially the guys pictured above sitting. Props, guys!

Jon Lutz hosted the screening, with Rob Gargiulo heading PR for the event, after having found out about Darius Goes West from another SAE, Justin Bell.

Even though it was FREEZING outside and several of us were still sick, the enthusiastic crowd kept us going.

The line for the merchandise table was huge: it went all the way back to the middle of the classroom where the movie screened!

To end the night, Darius posed for some pictures, and we said our goodbyes.

Thank you, Jon, Rob, Justin, everyone at SAE, and everyone at UConn!


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