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Happy Birthday Darius!

September 27, 2008

Darius turns 19 today!

He and the crew are taking a much needed day off at Darius’s favorite place to be–THE BEACH!!!

DC Blog, DVD updates, and birthday video coming in the near future!

9 Responses to “Happy Birthday Darius!”

  1. On September 27th, 2008, Amy, Tad & Dory said:

    Happy 19th birthday Darius! We hope that you had a wonderful day with your awesome crew. Enjoy and safe travels!

  2. On September 27th, 2008, Tim Johnson said:

    Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for all your great and important work.

  3. On September 27th, 2008, Mark said:

    Happy Birthday Darius!!! I hope you had a fantastic birthday. I will be so happy to meet you next week on St Simon’s Island.

  4. On September 28th, 2008, Dale Steinberg said:

    Happy BIRTHDAY Big D!!!! I hope your day was great! Have fun during all your travels. I hope to see you in Clemson!


  5. On September 28th, 2008, Carol said:

    Happy Birthday Darius!

    Have a great day with your friends at the beach.
    We look forward to seeing you here, next summer. We can have a ‘pre birthday’ celebration at one of the beaches here.

  6. On September 28th, 2008, Jackie & Kathy said:

    Hey D, happy, happy birthday! Kathy & Jackie (Shirtworks)

  7. On September 29th, 2008, Deb said:

    Hope you had a fabulous birthday Darius!
    Just sent out the DVD/lesson plans to a middle school teacher in Williamsville (Buffalo) who may contact you regarding your WNY visits.

    Take care and safe travels!!

    Deb in DC

  8. On September 30th, 2008, Katie F. said:

    Happy Belated Birthday Darius!
    I hope the beach was EVERYTHING you hoped for!
    Keep on Rollin, and we hope to see you back in Chattanooga soon!

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