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Happy 25th Birthday Darius!

September 26, 2014

Darius turns 25 today, and we have a surprise for him. We hope you’ll get in on the fun and help us pull it off…

Our idea is to mark the quarter of century that Big D has spent living life to the fullest by:

1. Trying to get everyone who has seen Darius Goes West to wish its star a happy birthday in a special way (see the picture above and simple steps below).

2. Try to raise $2,500 for DMD research…$1 (or more) at a time.


1. Download the picture above.

2. Upload it on your Facebook profile.

3. Follow the tagging instructions in the picture.*

4. Publish the picture once you’ve added the tags.

5. Include this link and a quick happy birthday note in the description: and consider making a birthday donation of $1 (or more) in Darius’s honor.

*Basically, the picture asks you to tag quarters you see with: (1) where you saw the film, (2) who you saw it with, and (3) who you want to see it next. It also asks you to tag Darius so he’ll know you’re wishing him a happy birthday!

There is no guarantee this will work, but the hope is that this will spread to all the DGW fans around the world throughout the course of his birthday weekend.

We are all so grateful for your friendship and continuing support.


-The Darius Goes West Crew

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