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Haircuts and Knockout in Tennessee

March 22, 2009

Quote of the Day: “Not that great.”—crew-member Jason, talking about how his career as a weatherman has progressed since the tornado scene in Darius Goes West.

After a few days in Athens, Darius and crew hit the road again for a trip northeast. First stop: Chattanooga, Tennessee and Girls Preparatory School.

David Cook, pictured with D, brought us to GPS. He’s a teacher there, and the last time we were in Chattanooga, he wrote an incredible article for the paper about Darius Goes West.

After this visit, he wrote another one, entitled “An Open Letter to Corporations in Chattanooga”. It’s a great article, and we’ll hope you read it by clicking the link above.

Corporate sponsorship would be a huge help to our goal, especially in this economic climate. Hopefully, with help from folks like David, it will happen. If you have ANY connections to folks who could make it happen, please let us know by contacting us.

At GPS, we talked with students in the auditorium.

Girls Preparatory School is an awesome place; the students were extremely smart, motivated, and talented.

They presented Darius with donations they earned fund-raising.

Another gift they gave showed initiative and a real understanding of our goal: students collected pledges from each other, promising to let others know about Darius’s story and mission.

In total, students at GPS pledged to let 699 other people know! Thanks, girls!

Next, we spent some time with the students and taking pictures, then lunch before another great gift for D…

the press! Channel 9 came to interview Darius about his cause. David’s sharing his press acumen is a great resource, and DGW is grateful.

Of course, we also had a little more fun with the students from GPS. We played an enormous, hundred-plus-person game of Knockout. In Knockout, you eliminate people by making a shot before the person in front of you does, and you get “knocked out” when the person behind you makes their shot before you do.

Meanwhile, crew-member Daniel, after getting eliminated from Knockout, joined students in some jump rope.

In the end, semi-crew-member Amble (he helps write the blogs) edged out Katie in an epic 5-minute final. If anybody goes to GPS and plays Knockout, be forewarned: Katie is a baller at Knockout.

Our spirits higher and our shirts a bit sweatier than when we came in, Darius and crew left GPS and headed to Sewanee’s University of the South for a night screening.

There, we got to hang out with Michael Mansfield, who, along with his family, has been a huge supporter for Darius’s cause.

Laura Schiefeler, a student at Sewanee, was our host, and she did a great job rallying the campus. One strategy Laura used that has also been effective at other screenings: she integrated the school’s Greek life into the screening.

Like many audiences, Sewanee both laughed and cried when they saw Darius Goes West.

Coincidentally, that’s also how they responded to John’s new haircut.

Are those racing stripes on the side? Really?!

Despite our bad haircuts and sweaty shirts, Sewanee students showed Darius the love with merchandise purchases after the screening.

As Logan told the crowd at Sewanee: “we love to come back to a place.”

It’s great to see familiar faces, and our reunions at Chattanooga and Sewanee set a great tone for this new stretch of the road.

Thanks Laura, John, David, Michael, Carson, Eric, Jessica, Girls Preparatory School, and Sewanee!


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    hi this movie really inspired me to not alwasy treat kinds like there in a wheelchair.

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