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Guest Blog: How to Host a Successful Screening

December 04, 2008

Everywhere we go, Darius and crew are treated to fantastic hospitality by people who really understand our goals. That’s a good thing, because without help from wonderful supporters (like YOU!), our one-year, million-DVD goal would be impossible. What’s one great way to help? Host a screening! Check out the video above, then read on…

To make it easier, we got in touch with Joan Borick (pictured, far left), who quarterbacked our huge day in Clemson a while back. Thanks to super-human efforts by Joan and her crew, South Carolina soared up to third place in our states’ race. Here’s her advice for How to Host a Successful Screening. Enjoy!

1. Watch the movie which will inspire you to take action….If it doesn’t you may want to check for a pulse!

2. Watch it again! Invite friends and neighbors, school teachers, ministers, college professors and town leaders to watch the movie with you. Find a spot that is free (church, town hall, etc.) Just send out an email and tell them to join you for a “sneak preview” of the “Darius Goes West” movie. I provided popcorn and people showed up!

Remind your friends that this can be considered a date night without any cost involved! (Be sure your email includes the website and tell them to watch “The Vehicle” clip.) If you need help with the email let me know ….I will send you mine!

3. At this point you should be able to identify a few key people to help get this thing rolling! These folks are as excited as you are and can’t wait to have Darius and the Crew come to town for the screening! These people will also be there to help get things done!

4. Be excited every time you talk about it….it is contagious!

5. Set a date for your screening and send out the “Press Release”. There is a great one on the website….and I just added our screening information and a few particulars about our screening. This should go out to all new stations, radio stations and newspapers. They love a good story and they always like some good news!

6. Talk about it! Become a meeting crasher! Go to as many “meetings” as you can and talk about it! Show the clip if you can…but if not just tell them about it and invite them all to participate in the screening in any way they would like.

Groups loved to get involved and most groups will give you 10 minutes to say what you need to say. This helps to get the buzz going around town. Your friends can do this too! I kept a lot of t-shirts and DVD’s on hand and that help things spread!

Need ideas of where to go….start with school. (Student council, Blue Key, Honor society, chorus, band…)

Then churches….all the youth ministers love to have new things to talk about with their youth…this is a great project!

Then, Sertoma Club, Kiwanis, Rotary and any others.

Next, take it to the top….City council: in most towns they meet at least once a month, and they have part of each meeting where residents can speak. Get the mayor (like Clemson mayor Larry Abernathy, pictured) or council members involved!

Accessibility is important in every community….and they should get on board to have a chance for their city to host such a wonderful event! They may be in the next film clip with D or “the Crew” …don’t hesitate to exploit this option…everyone wants to be a star!

7. If you have a college nearby….get them involved…this topic spans many course studies…so the Professors can use this as extra credit!

8. Talk some more! It’s easy!

9. Email some more! It’s easy!!

10. Let it all roll together….it WILL snowball…just watch!

11. Have a great day and enjoy the screening!

If you follow Joan’s eleven keys to success, you too can Host a Successful Screening.
Thanks for being a Guest Blogger, Joan; we can’t wait to come back to Clemson!


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