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Fall Colors On the Road

October 25, 2008

The last few weeks, DGW has been in the northeast U.S. to host screenings, meet with schools, and spread the word about our one-year, one-million DVD initiative.

To get everywhere, we do a LOT of driving.

We also shoot a lot of tape to create content that shares our message.

It can get pretty exhausting. Still, in all that time on the road, surrounded by gorgeous autumn foliage and incredible hospitality, we’ve noticed something. We want to share it with you, our readers and invaluable supporters…

The country is filled with unique places and people, and just about all of them are looking for any excuse to help somebody else out.

That gives us strength in our fight against Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Thank you, supporters, for keeping us going!

15,603 DVDs sold!

Leading States: Georgia, New York, Ohio
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One Response to “Fall Colors On the Road”

  1. On October 25th, 2008, Tim Johnson said:

    Beautifully expressed.
    Thank *you*, Dariues & crew, for keeping on going!

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