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DGW In the Bluegrass State

June 26, 2009

Quote of the Day: “Could one person have made this happen?…If you will just pass your passion to one more person, it spreads like crazy.”—Belinda Ray, our host at Russellville, KY.

From Washington, DC, the crew made its way west for a stop at George Clooney’s hometown of Lexington, KY.

There, Rob Theakston, Lynda Matusek, and the rest of our UK hosts greeted us…

and provided us with a wonderful meal. Thanks, guys!

They also made sure we had some sweet UK merchandise to pass on to Darius. (For security purposes, D might not be wearing any of it during football season.)

The University campus and screening were awesome, and we’re grateful to the Student Center Director’s Office, the Disability Resource Center, Late Night Film Series, The Cat’s Den, Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, Delta Zeta sorority, Ben Duncan, Tom Kim, Lynda, Rob, Jess Wingert, and everyone else who worked so hard to make our UK stay a brief but great one!

Next, we headed to Russellville, Kentucky, for a school visit and screening organized by Russellville High School teacher Belinda Ray.

First we met the senior class, who worked so hard to bring us to Russellville…

then the rest of the students joined us as Collin hooked up an on-line video connection. Darius got to hang out with the whole school!

D was grateful to have the chance to thank Russellville, who worked really hard for his cause. After Ms. Vaughn, Russellville’s guidance counselor, heard about DGW, she spread the word around the school.

When the students and faculty heard about it, they organized a “Hat Day”, where students paid $1 for permission to wear a hat to school, and a “Jeans Day”, where students paid $25 to wear jeans to school.

They also instituted a “Goslabi Challenge”, where students bid on which department would eat wasabi sauce.

(The English department “won” in a landslide, but don’t feel too bad: in a twist, they got to pick students from the crowd to also eat a spoonful.)

Next, we saw our digs for the night: a house in farmland on the outskirts of town, owned by Belinda and her husband.

The beautiful house, around 200 years old, came complete with its own graveyard! It was spooky, especially at night.

After some exploration (and a couple of ghost stories)…

and a dinner with some of RHS’s students…

we headed back to the high school for a night screening…

and D had another chance to thank Russellville from the big screen.

Then, plied with donuts and other assorted goodies from Belinda and the students, we headed back to our haunted digs for another round of ghost stories, where Jason and Daniel tried fruitlessly to scare the rest of us.


What was that sound? What’s that in the corner?!

Thank you, Belinda, Ms. Vaughn, and everybody at RHS! We love you!!!


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