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DGW in NYC: Day II

October 22, 2008

The day after our visits to I.S. 528 and Fieldston School, Darius and crew stuck around New York City for a school visit and a screening at the HBO Theater October 15.

We started the day in Queens meeting with I.S. 109’s 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.

The students were incredibly excited at the chance to meet Darius. Ginny Coyne, the teacher who brought Darius Goes West to I.S. 109, even came to be known as “the Darius lady” around school.

Ginny made sure to thank Ms. Pate, I.S. 109’s principal, for seeing our cause as a great service learning experience for the kids.

The faculty implemented lesson plans from DGW’s Know About It campaign starting two weeks before our visit. In those two weeks, students brought in food to sell to raise money for the cause.

During our assembly, students presented Darius with a HUGE check that is a testament to the students’ hard work and the faculty’s incredible organizing.

Ms. Kully, a teacher at I.S. 109, was so moved by the students’ efforts that she made a generous donation of her own. Thanks, Ms. Kully!

Ginny said that it was great to see all the students’ energy channeled into support for Darius. She told us about students going over to each other’s houses to bake food, savvy 7th grade marketers driving hard bargains with their classmate buyers, and her homeroom helping her count the funds students raised.

The homeroom that raised the most money was rewarded with a wonderful lunch with Darius and crew ordered by Ms. Pate. We had a blast hanging out with Ms. Basalmo’s Homeroom 607. It was great for us to spend time with a bunch of energetic young people who are doing so much to help. Keep it up, I.S. 109!

Here, Darius poses with the class. (That’s Ms. Basalmo on the far right in blue!)

Thank you so much, Ginny (in white shirt to the left of Darius), Ms. Pate (between Darius and Ms. Coyne), and I.S. 109 faculty, staff, and students!

Next, we headed to Manhattan for a look at the American Museum of Natural History.

Uh-oh. Look out, D!

After our narrow escape from tiger attacks, we made our way to the HBO Theater for a screening.

There, we met up with DGW friends and our hosts for this screening: Will White (pictured, with mustache), Pearl August, Irene Daria, Jamie Wiener, Candace Jarkow…

and Susan Claxton. Darius really feeds off of the great energy of the city. But another reason that New York is Darius’s home away from home is that so many friends of our cause live in and around town. Plus, New York is a great place to make new friends, like HBO’s Alex Corpora, who made sure our night went well. She presented us with HBO sweatshirts and DVDs of HBO hit shows. Thanks, Alex and HBO!

The screening itself was great; the intimate theater encouraged an especially thoughtful question-and-answer session. Afterwards, we spoke with many New Yorkers eager to use their city’s energy to help with our cause.

Thank you for a wonderful night, Alex (pictured), Will, Irene, Jamie, Pearl, Susan, Candace, and Keanan! It was great to connect and reconnect with you and New York City! See you again soon!


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  1. On January 7th, 2009, yesenia and marcia said:

    hiie :] my name is yesenia you visited my school 109! hmm i likee youu! yeep i am your biggest fan. i saw your movie and i liked your movie a lot it was very inspiring. i would like to travel the world one day because i have never been out of the country. my favorite color is green :] whats yours! hmm please write backk buh bye

    hii my name is Adia…i am one of your biggest fans ….i look up too you because, you still live on your best even though you are un able to do somethings..
    luv yahh byeeee

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