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DGW at Yale

October 26, 2008

Quote of the day: “Massaquoi–that Georgia receiver–he’s my cousin.”–Darius, trying to convince an employee on the ferry to Connecticut to turn on the Georgia game.

After our visit with Javier and crew on Long Island, Darius and gang headed to Connecticut to drop by Yale University.

We got there by ferry!

It was a nice, relaxing couple of hours across the majestic Long Island Sound. The time gave us a chance to reflect.

It also gave DGW friend Amy Coenen time to hustle Daniel in some dice games.

The Yale campus, where we held a screening and discussion, was beautiful, and foreboding. “It looks haunted…” Sam said. At one point, Collin went to use the restroom, and Darius and Sam tried to scare him by turning off the light and locking Collin in…

But Collin had the last laugh when Darius and Sam tried to run away from him and ended up in a locked room. Don’t worry; after a while, Ben let them out.

The screening and discussion were held in an intimate Yale classroom, where we sold merchandise and talked about strategies to realize our one-year, million-DVD goal. We also brainstormed ideas for a huge screening in New Haven this spring, so brace yourselves, Yale.

The Yale crowd (pictured here are Taylor and Richard Kane, longtime friends of the Smalley family) also thought our RV strategy was a smart one…high compliments coming from one of the most prestigious schools in the nation.

Darius Goes West’s initiative has spread like wildfire, and just about everywhere we go we’re greeted by enthusiastic members of the DGW family. Yale was no exception. Darius got to hang out with Amy Coenen, her brother and fellow DGW friend Michael…

Moses Soyoola…

And Max Barbakow, whose family has been behind Darius Goes West from the beginning. Thanks, Moses, Max, and Richard Tao (Yale’s student body president) for bringing us to Yale!

Please forward this blog link to anybody who was involved in the screening. Thanks!


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