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DGW at the Gateway to the West

July 21, 2009

Quote of the day: “What’s a Boilermaker?”–Ben, asking about Purdue University’s mascot.

After Mississippi, the DGW crew headed north to St. Louis for a visit hosted by Jay Sowar. (We didn’t get a chance to go to the Arch itself, but word is it’s still not accessible. What gives, St. Lou?)

Jay goes to St. Louis University (SLU), where he’s in Phi Delta Theta fraternity. The campus was beautiful and the people all friendly.

Props to Phi Delta Theta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon for sponsoring the SLU screening! The entire Greek community across the country has been great to Darius and his crew all year, and St. Louis was no different.

St. Louis also gave us a chance to meet Hayden and Charles Clark, as well as Kim and Tyler King. The Clarks and Kings are great folks: Charles’s Advanced Endodontics sponsored our RV. If you’re ever in the area and need a root canal, they’re the best gig around!

From Missouri, we headed to Lafayette, Indiana, for another college-hosted screening: this time with Purdue University.

Host Chris Myers, who’s on the President’s Council at Purdue, hooked up dinner at Alpha Phi sorority house. The food and company were both great!

However, tragedy almost struck when Jason thought Kevin was trying to steal his food (shown above). No one was hurt, thanks to luck and some quick-thinking Alpha Phis, and Kevin feels lucky that he still has both arms.

After dinner, we headed to the beautiful Lafayette Theater. The Purdue University Film and Video Department, led by Chris and our other hosts Patricia Hart (head of Film and Video Studies at Purdue) and Chip Mayse, presented the screening.

They did a wonderful job putting everything in place. The audience got to take a break from the recession and hang out with D and Sam via big screen.

Thank you, everyone at SLU and Purdue!


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