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Darius Goes to the Principals’ Office

December 15, 2008

Quote of the Day: “We want to reach every school in the country.”–Logan, speaking to a room full of public school principals and administrators.

At the Georgia Center in DGW’s hometown of Athens, GA, Darius and crew were honored to speak before the Georgia Association of Secondary School Principals (GASSP).

Among the attendees was Dr. Mark Wilson, who is MetLife / NASSP’s National Principal of the Year.

Mark is the principal of Morgan County High School, near Athens, which we would visit later in the week. He’s a big fan of DGW, and he was our “in” for the conference.

We showed the principals and administrators in the audience the vehicle for Darius Goes West

played excerpts from the film…

and talked about ways to reach students and engage them.

It was great to get their feedback, and they loved the chance to look at our content.

After the presentation, we shared more time discussing ideas and strategies.

Darius and crew love all the schools we visit. We loved the chance to meet with principals, talk shop, and express our gratitude for the wonderful work they do. Thanks, Dr. Wilson and GASSP!


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One Response to “Darius Goes to the Principals’ Office”

  1. On November 24th, 2009, Abby Swanson said:

    hey Darius,
    I hope everything is goin good for you with the dvd sells. I’m a student from morgan co high. I hope you can come visit us again soon.


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