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Darius Goes Hollywood

February 27, 2009

Quote of the day: “I like the way you roll, Darius”—actor Robin Williams, after a few minutes of getting to know D.

We left Gregg’s Place reluctantly, headed for the bright lights of Los Angeles…

where Logan and Darius were members of the new TED Fellows Program.

TED Fellows come from all over the world to speak at TED, a very special conference. Check out our earlier blog about TED.

Here is a video of Bill Gates’s presentation. Darius met Mr. Gates, along with many other noteworthy world-changers.

TED’s an awesome conference, and the guys were ecstatic to be a part of it. Check out D’s TED profile here!

While Darius, Logan, Ben, John, Collin, and Sam coordinated our efforts at TED, the other guys stayed in nearby Anaheim at a timeshare donated by DGW hometown supporters Kathleen Laughlin and Alan Kraft. This group of crew members spent their time in the LA area visiting schools.

At Pepperdine University, we met up with Tom Shadyac and his assistant, Dagan Handy, and the class Tom teaches.

Tom and Dagan have been long-time supporters of Darius Goes West. When Tom, a film director, met the guys at a film festival, he bought 15 13th crew-member shirts!

Tom has also flown out Darius, the crew, and even Darius’s mom and sister to LA for the premiere of his movie Evan Almighty. D’s mom, Jamie, found a kindred spirit in Tom.

The Pepperdine campus is gorgeous, and though we only got to spend a brief time with his students, we could tell that Tom and Dagan’s energy and enthusiasm had infected them like it has us. Before we left, Tom bought DVDs and shirts for all his students, and some bought more on top of that to further help the cause.

We had a blast, and can’t wait to come back to Pepperdine. Thanks guys!

We also had the chance to visit another beautiful LA campus: the Buckley School. There, we met with students in the gym and shared our million-DVD goal.

Next, we went back to a class to help Gregg Sacon teach the students math, and to hang out a bit longer. The students were really pumped to be a part of the growing student movement to eradicate DMD, and the crew members were proud to help instill that initiative.

Thanks, Buckley! Go, Griffins!

We still weren’t done with school screenings, though. Next was another one of LA’s prestigious universities: USC.

Alex Ago, who found out about DGW from mutual friend of the crew, Ashley Karitis, organized the screening, held at the George Lucas School of Cinema-Television. Alex is special events coordinator for USC, and he put on a great screening on super-short notice. Thanks Alex!

Darius has a big personality and a lot of charisma. Advocating for something he believes in is the perfect job for him, and LA is one of the perfect places for him to do it.

Thank you, LA!


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2 Responses to “Darius Goes Hollywood”

  1. On February 28th, 2009, Hayley said:

    go dgw!

  2. On March 2nd, 2009, Isabella said:

    Darius is so cute! I wish I was on the road with you guys!!!
    Oh and GO DGW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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