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Darius Goes Cruising! Pt. II

January 16, 2009

Quote of the day: “I’ve had the honor of staying in a room with Darius Goes West guys on both sides of me. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep yet, but you guys are amazing”—Uncle Al, a friend we made on the cruise.

As Darius and crew enjoyed the new tans they got from Puerto Rico and St. Kitts, the boat—which Ellen DeGeneres gave DGW 12 tickets for—continued on.

Yes, it was a taxing week for the Darius Goes West crew.

The most effort the guys had to make was meeting dress code for the cruise’s semi-formal dinners.

While the crew-members had to fish deep in their closets to find nice clothes (that don’t say “Goslabi” on the front of them), the effort was worth it.

The last island we visited was St. Maarten (pronounced St. Martin), and…

surprise! The beaches were beautiful, and the weather was perfect.

All the islands we visited during the week were incredible, and it was also great getting to know our Solstice shipmates.

Back on-board, we enjoyed the cruise lifestyle.

Everybody was exceptionally friendly and supportive of the cause…

and water safety was always a top priority.

The boat even had a dance club, called Quasar!

When we screened Darius Goes West in the Solstice’s theater (yes, the Solstice had a movie theater!), Logan went out of his way to apologize on behalf of the crew “for the dance moves at the club last night.”

The screening itself went great: after a week of getting to know them, the other passengers were eager to see what Darius and the crew had been up to.

Sarah and Andrea, from the event staff, did a fantastic job of coordinating.

The next day, the guys lounged on the Solstice’s lawn and read Ellen DeGeneres’s My Point…and I Do Have One together.

As the trip wound down, we reflected on what had been a fantastic week.

Our trip was incredible, thanks to Ellen and Celebrity! Our new friends on the cruise were also a big part of making the trip so memorable, like Uncle Al, Lois (Ben sends you a shout-out, Lois!), the Pied Pipers, Anne, Lauren, and the amazing staff of the Solstice.

Employees of the Solstice–including Dindo, Dance, Sarah, David, Andrea, Dawn, Maria, and everybody else–were fantastic.

They make it their mission to give cruise-goers a trip to remember.

for a terrific week! (Sorry for our poor spelling!)


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