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Darius Goes Cruising! Pt. I

January 14, 2009

“I left. I was pretty scared of it.”—crew-member Ben, talking about a small monkey in St. Kitts.

After a rigorous few months of non-stop travel for screenings, Darius and crew got to enjoy a few days of relaxation…

on a cruise!

When Darius was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show last year, she arranged for the whole crew to enjoy a week-long Caribbean cruise on the Solstice, a part of the Celebrity Cruises fleet!

The Solstice is an incredible boat. It has a library, an art gallery, a solarium…

and even a basketball court!

While the boat was fantastic, getting to explore several of the islands is the big draw of Celebrity’s Caribbean trips.

First stop: Puerto Rico.

In San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital, we explored the historic Ft. San Cristobal.

San Juan is a mix of modern and super-old; the Spanish fort was right beside modern buildings.

The weather was perfect. We wore shorts and t-shirts, but it wasn’t too hot, either.

You’ve got to love those island winters.

Later, we headed back to the boat and got ready for a new day.

The next stop was in St. Kitts.

We loaded into a passenger van and headed to one of Darius’s very favorite places…

the beach!

Darius loves the ocean, where the water makes mobility much easier…

and the guys love swimming with Darius.

Darius used his time in the water as a chance to tan…

and he gave Daniel some much-needed pointers in how to soak up the sun.

The transformation from white to eggshell-white in some of the crew-members’ skin was dramatic.

Normally, cameras don’t even take pictures of Sam or Kevin’s bare skin–the brightness breaks the lens. But no more, thanks to Ellen!

Finally—reluctantly—we got out of the water. But we stayed on the beach as long as we could.

A street vendor introduced us to his monkey. Darius and Sam played with him, but some of the guys weren’t so brave and high-tailed it out of there.

Before boarding the ship again, we enjoyed the beautiful St. Kitts sunset, looking forward to the rest of the cruise. Thanks, Ellen!

To be continued….


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3 Responses to “Darius Goes Cruising! Pt. I”

  1. On January 14th, 2009, Deb said:

    loved the cruise photos! Thanks for sharing! so glad you guys had a great time. You all deserve it. Hope all is well! Best of luck the rest of this year-

  2. On April 14th, 2009, kbrosenberg said:

    Congrats on the cruise! You deserve it.

  3. On April 14th, 2009, kbrosenberg said:

    Congrats on the cruise! You deserve it.

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