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D Turns 20!

October 12, 2009

Quote of the Day: “Happy birthday, Darius!”–MTV to Darius, upon screening Darius Goes West on MTV2 and MTVU.

Thanks to the hard work of people at the Do Something Awards, MTV, and DGW supporters, Darius Goes West made its world TV premiere on MTV 2 and mtvU on Darius’s 20th birthday.

To celebrate this huge accomplishment, D and his family (including mom, Jamie, and sister, Maroneisha) headed to New York to complete interviews and spend time with friends. Huge thanks, Randy Reiff, for covering our hotel rooms in the city.

First up was CNN’s Fredericka Whitfield in Atlanta, who brought on Jason Rzepka, MTV’s Vice President of Public Affairs to sing D’s praises and wish him a happy birthday. Check out the interview here.

Of course, looking good on-screen is no given, so D wants to give a special shout-out to the CNN’s stylist / producer.

On the way up, we stopped in Delaware, where Tracy Holmes of the fantastic University of Delaware Marriott greeted us with food, gifts, and generosity. Thanks Tracy!

On our first night in New York, Aaron and Linda Edelman and their daughter, Jenny (who helped host a screening at Brandeis last year,) treated us to a fantastic dinner…

and we also met up with other DGW Hall of Famers: Melissa Dardaris and Terin Izil…

and Gabriela Luis and Julie Nusbaum.

After a stop at CBS’s The Early Show: Saturday Edition, D and the gang gathered around to watch the CNN piece.

Then, Darius got to work with a full day of shoe shopping. It was his way to settle down before Sunday’s MTV premiere. Judging from his expression, it may not have worked.

Things got even more exciting when Terin gave D his birthday present: up to three pairs of shoes custom-made according to his specifications by the world’s top sneaker designers! Included was Saigon, who just finished making a pair for Jaime Foxx.

Check out Saigon on the Saigon Customs MySpace Page.

We spent the rest of the day hanging out and enjoying the city.

That night we counted down to D’s birthday. Long-time DGW supporter Will White showed up with wasabi beans to help us celebrate.

This year’s fund-raising for Charley’s Fund represented a huge, coordinated, continuing effort from hundreds of people.

D was thrilled, then, to share his birthday with a handful of the folks who contributed to that effort.

The next day, we had nothing scheduled except to watch the movie on MTV2 and mtvU…and enjoy the fruits of so many people’s labors.

The excitement, finally, was a bit too much for all of us.


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