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Crew Finds Inner Trapeze Artist at D.A.I.R.

November 16, 2008

Quote of the day: “Man, y’all can’t dance.”–Darius, to the DGW crew members trying their hand at aerial trapeze dancing.

Nicole Mermans–the director, founder, instructor, and performer of D.A.I.R.–brought Darius and gang to Atlanta for a special screening of Darius Goes West.

The screening itself went great!

D.A.I.R. strives to challenge the community to maximize the strength of its own human resources via new, barrier-breaking, inter-cultural and multi-generational mentoring programs.

In these programs, members empower each other to create, develop, explore, and exhibit a variety of Cultural, Movement and Performing Arts including Aerial Dance, Circus Arts, and Theatrics.

We had a great time with the students and community members who make D.A.I.R. such a success. However, the best part was still to come…

Nicole’s D.A.I.R. students gave us a surprise performance!

In an awesome touch, the dance–an incredible feat of athleticism and art–was even choreographed to the Darius Goes West film score!

It was an incredible combination of acrobatics and ballet, and the students did a superb job.

It had us pumped up–everyone was getting in on the dance.

Afterwards, Nicole and her students showed us some moves.

They even let us get in on the act! Check out crew-member Logan Smalley’s attempt at an “Inverted Starfish McTwist”. The attempt failed.

Here, John Hadden shows the crowd the “Gibson Climb”!

And here some of the students give Sam some much-needed pointers as he attempts the “Southern Hemispheric Mast-head” (a move that should only be attempted by professionals). Please notice Daniel doing the “Vaulted Huck Finn” to the left. That move was a little more our speed.

This move, the “Purple Perpendicular Pirate”, is actually illegal in Georgia, but leave it to Andrew to give it a whirl. And, leave it to Darius to pause time and Matrix underneath it. Bravo.

We had a blast with the folks from D.A.I.R. It was amazing to see the way they blend community improvement, artistic creation, and extremely dangerous moves performed at even more dangerous heights!

That balance is something Darius and crew strive to maintain, and it was really inspiring to see Nicole and the kids so devoted.

Thanks so much, Nicole and D.A.I.R.!


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2 Responses to “Crew Finds Inner Trapeze Artist at D.A.I.R.”

  1. On November 17th, 2008, jackie said:

    Will we be able to download the performance to the DGW music?????? Please?????? thanks, jackie

  2. On November 26th, 2008, Letitia Baldwin said:

    What a treat ! I was honored to see the film and meet the cast. Nicole from Dair did a great with the teens.

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