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Cornwall and Greens Farms, and a Happy Birthday

May 31, 2012

Quote of the day: “You want to talk about moving mountains, these two showed great perseverance in bringing Darius and his crew to our school today”–Cornwall Central High School Principal Frank Sheboy, praising Stephanie Catalioto and Kerry Cullen for their work in the fight against DMD.

After his NYC sojourn, D led the crew to nearby Windsor, New York, for a school visit and performance at Cornwall Central High School.

He was greeted by a beautiful spread, with delicious salad and fresh fruit in the green room.

The crew enjoyed a quiet meal with student organizers Stephanie Catalioto (pictured) and Kerry Cullen and a few of their top helpers.

Then it was performance time!

All in all, it was a great afternoon.

Thank you, Stephanie, Kerry, and everyone else at Cornwell Central who helped bring D and the crew. Go Dragons!

Next up, the crew drove to Connecticut. First on the agenda: a trip to Blessed Assurance youth group. Father Nick (pictured) and Sister Jane lead a great group of young people.

After introductions and some great food (shout-out to Sister Liz for her incredible peanut butter chocolate oatmeal clusters), the kids presented D with gifts and a special performance of their own.

Blessed Assurance is known for their annual music / theater show, and it was a special treat to get a preview of some of the acts. Then, for another VIP performance, Darius called his Mom to wish her a happy birthday, and everyone joined in the song. Thank you! And happy birthday, Jamie!

After a night’s rest, D met up at Greens Farms Academy with old friend Avery Salinger, a longtime supporter

and Sister Jane, who has ties to both Blessed Assurance and Greens Farms Academy.

Darius and Dirt performed for the Greens Farms middle schoolers…

in a very unique setting. They both had a blast, and the audience showed a lot of rhythm in clapping along.

Although our stops were brief, D and the gang had a blast at Cornwall and in Connecticut. Thank you, everyone!

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